Adding Artwork

How to present your artwork

How to add your artwork

To add new artwork go to the 'My Artwork' tab, select 'Type of Artwork' and 'Add new Artwork' and complete all fields.

All artwork will go for review before being enabled onto the website, and each time you make a change they will again go for review.

Some points to remember when adding new artwork:

1. Add your title with capitals in the appropriate places (nothing else to be included in the title)
2. When adding your size ensure you add the width and height in the correct sections
3. Please always check which metric you are using, so often artists add cm's when it should be inches
4. Be as descriptive as possible, the more descriptive the more likely it is to sell.
5. Select only the appropriate categories for your artwork (add to a maximum of 3 each)
6. Set up your shipping either per artwork or grobal shipping (we get many international customers)
7. Be sure to select your 'main image' using the radio button

Portfolio piece

Make sure you have selected a portfolio piece that is available and you will appear in our A-Z artist section of the website.

Guaranteed Best Price

As part of our terms artwork must not be sold cheaper elsewhere (including your own site) therefore you must select 'yes' to this question when uploading or we will be unable to enable your work.


We only accept artwork over £50, therefore please ensure you only add artwork over this price.


Once your artwork has been listed for 30 days you are able to put it on sale. You can select up to 10 pieces which will appear in our 'offers' section and will be on sale for 14 days, it will be another 14 days after the sale before you can reduce the price again. Simply going into 'edit' artwork and add your discount price and start date.


This section you can chose to show on the website, if it's in stock and quantity (in most cases this will be 1 unless it's a limited edition print)

Adding Images

Please ensure when adding images:

1. Your 'main image' if a front view and cropped and in sort order 1

2. You select your 'main image' using the radio button

3. Your images do not exceed 2mb or between 800 - 1600px high/wide

4. You add between 2 - 8 images (we'd suggest 1x front, 1x side, 1-3x close ups and one in situ)

5. It's worth adding a label to your images (helps people searching)
6. If framed please crop out the frame for the main image and add the framed one in additional image

Featured this artwork

Should you wish to include your work on our homepage feature by either being a 'featured artist or 'featured artwork' section the you can select 'yes' and pay for your chosen option. Find out more