Corporate Art

Buying an original painting for the workplace has several tried and tested benefits. Well-chosen wall art will:

  • Give the right message to visiting clients
  • Create a positive working atmosphere for staff
  • Enhance brand identity and create a cohesive and professional look

In 2003, the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors made a survey of 800 people working for 32 companies that have workplace art collections.


The survey showed that workplace art enhances the work environment, evidences company and community relations, and leads to networking opportunities.


The right art can inspire moods such as calm, dynamism, and focus in visitors and staff.


Choosing the right pieces


Companies often choose abstract art as it usually has a neutral message and meaning, while projecting emotions such as serenity or movement and vibrancy. The meaning of each piece is open to individual interpretation, and it is for this reason that abstract art paintings are enormously popular in the corporate world. Abstraction also avoids the risk of choosing figurative work which is too clichéd, or only suited to one person's individual taste.


Corporate art needs to match the company image. Clearly, a bank or accountant will want to project a different image to that of a music studio or graphic design agency. At Art2Arts, you'll find original paintings to suit any corporate environment.


Colour is the most important factor to take into account when choosing abstract art for the workplace. As we know, colour affects mood, and in the workplace this means the mood of your clients and employees. Each colour comes with its own association, and as such, prominently displayed artwork will send a strong message about your company's identity.



Here's a quick guide to colour, mood and meaning:


Red: Red stimulates, arouses, and heightens awareness. It's a colour that attracts attention.


Blue: Blue relaxes, calms, and transfixes. However, at the same time too much blue, or the wrong shade, can be cold and somewhat depressing.


Yellow: Yellow is cheerful and recharges, energises, and revitalises. But, too much is overwhelming. People lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms.


Green: Green is the easiest colour on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing colour that stabilises and balances.


Orange: A cheerful, clean and bright colour. Orange creates a sense of order - it gets attention without being as overbearing as yellow.


Purple: Purple protects and comforts, and, like orange, gives a sense of creativity and fresh thinking.


Brown: Solid and reliable, brown is the colour of earth and is abundant in nature. It's also a very trendy colour at the moment. However, too much brown can give a bit of a drab and boring feel.


It's important to take into account colours that are already incorporated into your workplace decor. Orange or yellow artwork can uplift a brown room. On the other hand, placing a painting of a rain falling into a puddle into a calm blue room can create a depressing feel in a room that was previously relaxing.


Large, colourful pieces of work will allow the colour to work to full effect, and will create a memorable impression on visitors. Be bold and choose bigger pieces that won't get lost in the decor of the rest of the room.


It's also a good idea to create consistency throughout your workplace, either by choosing work by the same artist, or choosing work that has some colour, theme and shape in common.


What makes us so different?


Art2Arts have worked with interior designers, commercial clients, and individual clients. We specialise in offering a large selection of beautifully created designs, all of which have been hand painted (no digital work is sold on this site). Most of the artwork can be tailor-made in size and colour to suit your business needs. 


Let us take the hassle away for you!

You might have read through the above and feel that you need some extra assistance in finding the perfect art pieces for your workplace. We appreciate that not everyone has the ability - or the time - to find a piece to suit all their needs. Our interior design consultant, Michelle Gibbs, is on hand to find the perfect set of artworks to bring exactly the right mood to your premises and enhance your working environment.



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