Essential Overview

We have selected the best UK artists to present you with a vast collection of original artwork, all brought into one place for you to shop. We have made the site simple to use and easy to navigate and you have peace of mind knowing you are buying artwork directly from the artist and the order is monitored and secured by Art2Arts.


Home Page: You can always get back to the homepage by clicking on our logo at the top left handside of the site. Our homepage is where we present our 'Artist of the Month' as well as our newest and featured artworks.

Navigation Bar: The top navigation is where you are able to search for artwork and artists, You can do this by either using the dropdown menu or clicking directly on 'Shop for Art' or 'Search Artists' , and of course there is some information on 'Who Are We'

Search Box: The search box will pick up information in artwork titles, descriptions, keywords artists have used, artwork codes and artists name.

Basket: By clicking on this icon you can view any artwork you have added to your basket and proceed to checkout.

Sign in / Register: You are able to either sign in to your account or set up an account with us, this will allow you to create a 'wish list' to store artwork, view orders and easily checkout when you are ready.

Wish List: Once you are signed in you can start adding artwork which you can view at a later date. You can add artwork either directly from the list of artwork you have searched for or on the actual artwork page itself.

Compare: This feature allows you to add artworks for comparing on a new page, you don't have to register to use this feature and they will remain there for 30 days (on the same computer) Again, you can add artwork either directly from the list of artwork you have searched for or on the actual artwork page itself.



Searching for Artwork

You can search our huge collection of original artwork in a number of ways:

  1. Select a starting search from the dropdown menu 'Shop for Art' and select from a range of features including size, material, subject, colour, framing, styles etc.
  2. Click on the 'Shop for Art' navigation to be presented with a list of options to narrow down your search.
Once you have selected your choices you will be presented with a list of artworks: you can select  'Sort by' to choose how they are ordered. You can also select 'Show * per page' to view how many pieces are displayed on a single page and finally 'View as' which can be either as thumbnails or as a list which has more information shown.
By hovering over the artwork you can then either click to go directly to the artwork page or click on the 'heart' icon to add to your wish list or the inward 'arrows' to add to your compare list.



Viewing Artwork

On the individual artwork pages there is a wealth of information and ways to view the artwork.


Zoom: By hovering over the main artwork image you are able to zoom further to see more details.

Enlarging the Artwork: By clicking on the word 'zoom' you are able to open the artwork into a much larger window to view more clearly.

More Images: Most artworks will have multiple images which can be viewed by clicking on each, or clicking the arrows on the enlarged page. 

View in a Room: Here  you can view the artwork in several interior settings as well as change the wall colour to match your interior.



If you like a piece of artwork why not share it with your friends? There are a number of sharing options for all social media. You can also email the piece to your friend directly.

Other Bits

On these pages we also show you other lovely artwork by the same artist and artwork that matches your search criteria as well as information about the artwork itself.



Questions or Help 

You are able to contact the artist directly from the artwork page if you have any questions about their work. Alternatively please feel free to email us: or call us on 023 92699 990, we are always contactable.



Ordering Your Artwork

We have made ordering artwork really simple and all on one page! It takes just a few minutes and it won't be long before you hanging you're new piece of artwork. You will receive a confirmation email with your receipt and a 'dispatch noticed' with tracking information as soon as the artist has arranged delivery.



Payment Options

We have a number of payment options for everyone including:

Visa, Matercard, Maestro, American Express - processed through SagePay


Own Art interest free finance: You can spread the cost of the artwork over 10 monthly installments - find out more.




Delivery to the UK is free and fully insured. Most artists also offer international shipping and these can be found on the artwork pages under the tab 'Delivery' If a price is not quoted please contact the artist for one. Delivery times are found on the artwork pages and will vary - find our more




We offer free returns on all artwork delivered to a UK address. Notify us within 14 days and we will arrange collection for you - find out more 



Try Before You Buy

We appreciate how difficult it can be ordering something like artwork and knowing how it will look on your wall without seeing it first. So to help, we have a service where you can email us a photo of your room and the artwork/s you are interested in and we will email you the photo of the artwork on your wall in 1 business day - find out more



Our Promises & Guarantees

We are very different from other businesses and customer care and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

We promise to:

  1. Respond to your enquiry within 1 business day.
  2. Be available on the phone Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm should you wish to speak to someone.
  3. Keep you updated on the progress of your order at all times - you will never have to chase us.
  4. To not stop at 'sold', we follow up on every delivery to ensure you are completely happy.

We Guarantee:

  1. To keep your details safe and never ever pass them on. We use a SSL certificate which is an 'online padlock'.
  2. 100% satisfaction or 100% of your money back.
  3. 14-day returns on all artwork, which is free within the UK. 


Buyers Guide

It's not always easy choosing artwork when there is so much choice, that's why we have put together some helpful tips when buying artwork - find out more



Newsletter + Free eBook

Why not sign up to our monthly newsletter where we will send you lots of great things each month, including: new artists, artwork and offers.



Refer a Friend

If you have previously brought from us and would like to recommend a friend or family member to our website please send us their details prior to them ordering and we will send you each a £10 voucher to use on the website, alternatively once we receive their order we will send you both a £10 Marks and Spencers voucher. Please email us at