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Virtual Exhibition: 'Spirit of Animals' 

About the Exhibition

Have you ever wondered what your pet was actually thinking? A dog turning its head to the side, a cat stretching in the sunlight, or even a bird slowly swinging in their cage, seemingly lost in thought. Animals have emotions just like humans and even though most cannot audibly speak, they carry emotion in their eyes, mannerisms, even in their walk. Art2Arts is celebrating the Spirit of Animals. Come with us as we journey into the lives and various emotions tied to a variety of animals.


Strolling through these pieces will give you a new perspective on animals and how they think. Each piece is merely a snapshot of the animal, but it is the artist that brings out the true spirit of the animal. These artists take a simple subject and bring their emotions to the surface through light and reflection. Both wild and domesticated animals are on display in our celebration of the true animal spirit. If you have ever wondered and explored your personal spirit animal, come find it with us at Art2Arts.

Images from the Exhibition

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