Kevin Braithwaite

Based in United Kingdom
Kevin Braithwaite was born in Leeds in 1956 and currently lives in North Yorkshire, he studied Art, Design & Printing at Leeds Polytechnic (now Leeds Metropolitan University). Kevin has been creating, exhibiting and selling his art for many years, in galleries and corporate establishments throughout the UK. His natural gift for creativity and experimentation within the arts has brought him much recognition throughout the art world and success wherever he has shown his work. Kevin works in acrylics, oils, watercolours, gouache and textural mixed media. His works explore the use of free movements of colour, light and texture creating fresh, harmonious and abstract images which take their inspiration directly from nature. He enjoys working 'al fresco' as well as in the studio and is constantly inspired by the nature that surrounds him. Kevin specialises in art creations for smaller spaces and for gifts.

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