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Loyalty Reward Points

Because everyone deserves to own original art

We know what you’re thinking

Another loyalty points scheme! Well, let us assure you, this isn’t any old loyalty scheme: you can actually save very well from future purchases and, let’s be honest, who stops at one piece!? On average, you will earn back 2.5% of what you spend towards your next order.

Kick-start your artwork collection and join Art2Arts loyalty reward scheme and earn points. You receive £2 just for setting up an account. 

Register an Account today to start collecting points

We found so many of our customers were returning time and time again to buy more and more artwork, and whilst we realised this was due to exceptionally good art and caring customer service, we wanted to go the extra mile, so decided to reward their loyalty with money off future purchases.

How to Use Your Points

You will be presented with your points each time you visit the checkout pages and will be given the option to use your points against future purchases whenever you are logged into your account. You can choose how many points to use against your order. 

How to Invite Friends

When you are logged into your account, you can visit the ‘invite friends’ link where you will be shown various ways in which you can invite friends. You can do this either via email or social media. 

You can also ‘share’ artwork that you like from individual artwork pages and, if someone follows your link and buys, you will be automatically rewarded points. 

Points are valid for 12 months and you will be notified if they are due to expire. For future details on rewards points, please see our terms and conditions.

How to earn points

There are various ways you can earn points to use in our gallery. Earn points when you:

Register an account

Invite friends and family

Every time you buy artwork

How Many Points Do I Have

To view your available points, log in to your account and visit the ‘Reward Points’ tab.

View our table below for a breakdown of how points are converted into money to spend on our website.

40 points earnt = £1 to spend on artwork 

On average you earn back 2.5% of your order.

SpendPoints EarnedValue
Register an Account80£2.00
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