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Art2Arts Online Magazine

Featured Artwork, Art News, Artists & Exhibitions.

  • The art you loved last year

    Although appreciation of art is something that will remain timeless, there are certain styles that are more popular each year. While we are starting to get a glimpse into where the trends could be heading in 2017, we take a look into the types of art that you, our Art2Arts customers, loved in 2016!


    2016 was certainly the year that the world seemed to break free from every existing ‘box’ it was categorised in, with many political decisions paving the way for a very different 2017.  While all this was happening, it seemed that the art you bought reflected this limitless atmosphere as raw, organic abstract art remained a favourite amongst our customers. Artists such as Caroline Ashwood sold well, constantly creating the colourful pieces that provided the injection of light-hearted fun that you craved!

    ‘Good Vibrations’

    ‘Good Vibrations’ by Caroline Ashwood. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.


    Whether calm and peaceful or raging and full of energy, seascapes were also loved by our community of art fans in 2016. Due to its naturally tactile qualities, seascapes can be recreated in a wide range of styles and using many mediums, making this subject or genre of art incredibly diverse and the artists we host are constantly updating this category with stunning examples of sea scenery. Amongst the many seascapes that were sold, the beautifully realistic ‘Shimmering Ripples’ by Stefan Fierros found a new home last year. Although this is original art and cannot be reproduced, Stefan continues to update his personal gallery with a plethora of paintings, featuring the sea at various beautiful times of the day and night.

     ‘Shimmering Ripples’

    Shimmering Ripples’ by Stefan Fierros. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.


    Sometimes, visual trends can’t be explained. One of these unusual yet charming instances was last year, when paintings of cows sold well (and look set to continue doing so in 2017!) Artists Irina Rumyantseva and Casimira Mostyn continue to be firm favourites, with their individual styles of painting this farmyard creature becoming highly sought after.

    ‘Funky cows’

    ‘Funky cows’ by Irina Rumyantseva. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.

    Realistic landscapes

    In the age of Instagram, we are now exposed to hundreds of visually stunning images each and every day, often in the form of photographs. However, while these pictures are beautiful, and have certainly inspired a new generation that appreciates the arts more than ever, it has also caused a drive towards capturing these same moments but in the form of original art. Realistic landscapes capture the types of scenes that may pop up on our newsfeeds but in a truly unique way, making them incredibly appealing to a wide audience. A painting of the National Trust reserve, Waggoners Wells by Jan Rippingham is one of many jaw-dropping landscapes that made its way to you in 2016.

    ‘Waggoners Wells,

    ‘Waggoners Wells, Hampshire’ by Jan Rippingham. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online. 

    Did you buy any art online from each of these categories? Where do you think the trends are heading this year? Get in touch – we love to hear your thoughts!

  • Meet Michelle Gibbs: Mother, painter and Art2Arts director

    Here at Art2Arts our artist interview series has been very popular. Offering an insight into the thoughts, inspirations and creative process of many artists in our creative community, we’re not surprised that you’ve enjoyed learning more about those who create the fantastic work that makes your home brighter!

    However, as well as learning about each individual artist, we also wanted to dig deeper into the personality responsible for running our online art gallery. In our latest post meet Michelle Gibbs, mother, painter and Art2Arts director.

    Michelle Gibbs

    You started selling your art online back in 2006. Was this when you first discovered you loved making art, or have you done so since you were a child?

    I have always been creative and since I was a child was always making, creating and drawing, however I didn’t start painting properly until about 2004.

    What were your first pieces like? How has this changed?

    My early work was much different from now. I did my first ever paintings using emulsion paint, as I had decorated my bedroom and used what I had leftover! It’s still hanging in my auntie’s house. Now my style has developed, and I paint using acrylics and oil rather than industrial wall paint!

    ‘On the Other Side’

     ‘On the Other Side’ – view here.

    What did you do before you set up Art2Arts?

    I was studying at collage, then went on to do a degree in Interior design. I worked in a call centre on the side and I also did a lot of traveling, which I’m sure inspires my work to this day.

    Did you always think you would within art?

    Yes, I just didn’t know in what way.

    And did you ever think you would own a business?

    Yes.  I was inspired by my dad who always owned his own business. I remember answering his business line when I was very young. I set up a desk in my bedroom, ready and waiting for a call to come in! I also used to make Christmas stockings and hair scrunches and sell them at school – I suppose you could say I have been business minded from a very young age.

    As well as realising that there were other artists that also needed a platform to sell their work online, were there any other events, personal or cultural, that led towards you setting up Art2Arts?

    I initially set it up to sell my own artwork. I admire other artists and just started contacting them to join. It naturally grew from there.

    ‘The Creative’

    ‘The Creative’ – view here.

    What was your mission when you first set up Art2Arts?

    To offer ONLY original artwork by UK based artists and to offer excellent customer service. I’m very passionate about this.

    Has this changed now?

    I’ve stuck with the above, but the number of artists has grown dramatically as has the website and the ease of using it, helping me to reach these goals.

    Do you think the art, or the online art landscape has changed over the 11 years that you have been running your business?

    Yes very much so. There are a lot more online galleries today than when I first started, but I believe as long as you offer the best and provide a great service people will come back when looking to buy artwork.

    Do you think that it is important for artists to take their career into their own hands to make a living at it?

    Yes, you no longer have to rely on physical galleries. You can make it on your own - just go out and try it!

    ‘Evening Stroll’

    ‘Evening Stroll’ – view here.

    What is your favourite part about running your own business?

    The flexibility and not having to get up early! No, I enjoy offering original artwork and get great satisfaction from being able to offer a place where artists can sell their artwork and customers can get peace of mind, buying it with a safe platform.

    You have recently become a mother – has this changed the way you run your business?

    No, I have developed the business so that there are lots of processes in place which make it easier to run. Luckily, she is a good girl (so far) so I still get plenty of time to work on my business.

    What can we expect from Art2Arts in the future?

    More quality artwork and a continuing stream of fantastic artists joining our community!

    Michelle Gibbs hosts her work online, joining the many original artists that use the platform. You can view her personal work here.

  • Why it’s better to buy original art online

    If you love to fill your home with truly unique, original art, there are two main ways you can do this: take a trip to your favourite art gallery, or visit a trusted online art gallery. We have hundreds of regular customers here at Art2Arts who can all vouch for the latter option. However, there still remain many art lovers who prefer to go down the physical route.

    If you’re not convinced of virtual methods, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why it’s better to buy original art online.

    ‘Pose-a Yew (Dew Moving) – Nambe Brave’, by Stephen Davison

    ‘Pose-a Yew (Dew Moving) – Nambe Brave’, by Stephen Davison

    It’s more practical

    Original art can take many forms. Where one piece could be an A4 painting, another artwork you decide to purchase could be a large scale, 5ft ² textured canvas. Whether you choose to take it home with you there and then, or arrange to have it delivered at a later date, buying art from physical galleries can be quite impractical. Alternatively, buying from an online art gallery could ensure your work of art arrives to you faster and easier than ever. We offer fast and free UK delivery at Art2Arts, making this process simple.

    Tropical Waves’, Andrew Watt

    ‘Tropical Waves’, Andrew Watt

    There is more opportunity to discover new and emerging artists

    When heading to ‘bricks and mortar’ art galleries, you are only exposed to the particular artists they stock. While you may trust the taste and judgement of your preferred gallery, they are limited to hosting a small number of artists at any time. An online art gallery is not restricted to physical wall space, able to showcase the work of the hundreds of fantastic artists that operate in the UK and beyond! We host over 300 artists at Art2Arts, hand-picked for the quality of their work. And in 2017, this number continues to grow!

    ‘Out of the Shadows’, by Frances Daunt

    ‘Out of the Shadows’, by Frances Daunt

    It’s accessible

    If you’re new to the buying art, entering an art gallery can be daunting. Without knowledge of the industry or the art world as a whole, it can be hard to know where to begin. Browsing an online art gallery means that you can use the same, familiar shopping format you would use to buy your clothes and groceries, making it a much more accessible way to enjoy art.

    ‘The Eye’, by Nora Nikolova

    ‘The Eye’, by Nora Nikolova

    It’s affordable

    Many people prefer online shopping as you can get the best price for your goods. This is also true in the world of art. We regularly host competitions and have flash sales on many wonderful pieces of original art. What’s more, we treat our regular customers with a loyalty rewards points scheme, giving them the chance to collect discount points with every piece they buy, to be used on future purchases.


    If you’ve never used an online art gallery before, what are you waiting for? Head to Art2Arts to discover the wide range of original art we have, ready and waiting to decorate your home!

  • Independent online art gallery highlights affordable paintings for Mother’s Day gift guides

    As the time comes for journalists, bloggers and lifestyle influencers to put together their suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts with a difference, online art gallery, Art2Arts puts its best canvas forward. In preparation for 26th March, it highlights a range of beautiful yet affordable contemporary paintings for sale on its platform, perfect for adding interest to any gift guide this year.

    Its suggestions don’t only come from expertise in the world of commercial yet original artwork. Michelle Gibbs, who has recently become a mother herself, leads the foremost art selling platform, combining business flair with her own experiences to offer up some beautiful art that is bound to make mums smile.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts expanded, “Many people assume that art is only a personal thing. However, it can make the most wonderful, thoughtful gift. With a good knowledge of their personality -which most daughters or sons will have – receiving a piece of artwork to suit their style can be a pleasant, heart-warming surprise that is cherished forever!”

    First in its list of Mother’s Day gift suggestions is Pink Cat, by Aziz Anzabi, a small but bright piece featuring a lady and her pet cat, painted with acrylics.

    “I’m sure there are many mums out there who are also ‘mothers’ to their adopted feline friends,” Michelle continued. “This painting will make their day! Rather than buying them cat-based memorabilia from the high street, choosing a related piece of original art is a much more personal way to show them you care.”

    Other works such as Black Cat and Ginge by Alena Rumak would also make a fantastic present for any cat loving lady.

    For something a little more classic and timeless, Humming Birds and Hibiscus by Jo Slater-Thomas fits the bill exactly. Using fresh colours and a soft, impressionistic style, this giclee print is striking enough to make a lasting impression, yet its use of white space means it will suit any room where it is hung.

    Michelle advised, “Choosing a painting with a neutral background is a safe but effective option, meaning there is no room or person that such a painting wouldn’t suit!”

    Finally, abstract art continues to be popular in the world of interiors, instantly adding interest to any environment. Featuring rich hues of purples and green, accented by gold leaf, Crystal Maze by Eunice Friend is bound to be well received by bold, colourful mothers across the county.

  • Art2Arts Mother’s Day Gift Guide: the Floral Fan

    With just under two months to go until families get together all over the country to celebrate Mother’s Day, the race is on to find the perfect gift. For those that have already exhausted all other ideas, a beautiful bunch of flowers is often the ‘go-to’ treat for mums that love a classic floral design, whether that be in a vase, on their soft furnishings, or on their clothes!

    Although the attractiveness of a bunch of flowers cannot be underestimated, their enjoyment lasts only as long as the freshness of the water that they are placed in. Instead, why not buy original art that allows the wonderful colours, shapes and shades of a natural bloom to decorate a room for years to come? Not only will this gift last for much longer than a freshly-cut arrangement, but choosing something with so much longevity can also give mothers a lifelong reminder of the son or daughter that they love so much.

    Is your mum a fan of flowers? Here we’ve rounded up our selection of paintings for sale that will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

    Fruit Table 2 – Irina Rumyantseva

    Fruit Table

    Irina is a popular member of our online art gallery, regularly uploading a diverse selection of premium artwork in a range of styles, covering various subject matters. However, throughout this variation her impeccable use of colour never differs, as is shown in this painting of flowers. Focussing on the sunflower, the tones used capture this happy, cheery bloom in a sophisticated way that doesn’t loses its character. Gifting this to your mother is sure to fill her with as much joy as we’re sure Irina had when creating this vibrant, textured piece of original art.

    Boundless Beauty – Irina Rumyvantseva

    Boundless Beauty – Irina Rumyvantseva

    Here is an example of the many creative personalities that Irina possesses, showcasing a different representation of flowers, this time in the form of an abstract painting for sale. Rather than soft stokes in a variety of textures, this piece is great for those who like classic florals with a modern, bold twist.

    Japanese Lily – Lesley Blackburn

    Japanese Lily – Lesley Blackburn

    Simple but effective is a phrase that could describe this mixed-media painting perfectly. The faded wash of violet in the background of this canvas evokes a sense of serenity that ties in wonderfully with the Japanese influence of these wonderful Lily flowers.

    Perfect Moments Landscape – CK Wood

    Perfect Moments Landscape – CK Wood

    Similar to ‘Japanese Lily’, this floral painting for sale makes excellent use of white space, enabling a bright background to shine through the perfectly placed flowers in the foreground. The colours of blue, green and red are all characteristic of the British countryside, making this a fantastic purchase for mothers with classic style. CK Wood has an impressive selection of exquisite paintings, featuring a range of floral and non-floral designs that are all available to browse here at Art2Arts.


    Floral Garden – Roz Edwards


    This spectacular painting takes a snapshot of a blossoming English garden and captures it in oil paint, to last forever! No matter how grey and dreary it may be outside, treating your mother to this vibrant painting will give them a window of sunshine to always shine bright in any room.

    Flowers aren’t only popular with mums – our community of contemporary artists also love these natural forms, regularly producing paintings for sale that capture these blooms in various genres, colours and styles.

    Don’t forget – Mother’s Day is Sunday 26th March! Browse the full range of flower paintings online.

  • Large abstract paintings to make any office entrance memorable

    While many companies see décor as an afterthought, paying attention to a working environment, especially the entrance to an office could have a number of positive benefits. From energising employees as they begin their day to leaving a lasting impression on important visitors, Art2Arts highlights some of its abstract and large paintings for sale to make any office entrance memorable.

    It’s impossible not to get lost in Mariana, the latest acrylic ink and resin artwork from diverse contemporary artist, Irina Rumyantseva. At just 50cm 2, although it isn’t the largest painting for sale at the online art gallery, its hypnotic form and impressive blend of stimulating colour makes a huge impact on any wall it is placed.

    Cityscapes are another popular subject for corporate art, and pieces such as City London Bridge 0737 by Eraclis Artistidou depict a scene that will be familiar to all business professionals, offering a new technicolour way to view the UK’s busy, towering capital city. Landmarks such as The Shard, The Gherkin, The Cheese Grater and The Walkie Talkie building are all shown in a fresh, abstract light, finding new beauty in these architectural structures.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed “Art can not only enhance the home - it can breathe new life into office, work and industrial environments. The days of stale, ‘sterile’ office spaces are gone, with workers demanding a welcome and stimulating atmosphere and guests expecting to be greeted by an impressive entrance. Nothing can do this as quickly and effectively as a large piece of abstract art!”

    Abstract art is not limited to a standard canvas size or shape, and choosing a piece with creative use of composition and format can quickly create a conversation point in any room. Imagination II by Maia Nikolov is the perfect example of this, using two deep box canvases to form one piece of original art, allowing the customer to use their imagination when hanging the work.

    Carolynne Coulson is a popular contemporary artist at Art2Arts, known for her captivating use of colour and creative markings. While her portfolio of suitable pieces is extensive, Odd One Out is a landscape painting that covers 132cms at its longest size, perfect for adorning any corridor or entrance hall with spectacular beauty.

  • Online art gallery sets challenge for bloggers in search of perfect Valentine’s Day gift

    Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday or just to say ‘thank you’, shopping for presents can be difficult at the best of times. But on Valentine ’s Day the pressure is on to find a present that is truly personal, unique and soul-baring to those that receive it, more-so than other gift-giving holidays. Online art gallery Art2Arts is the perfect destination for personal one-of-a-kind presents, so confident in its ability to source the suitable gift for any lover this Valentine’s Day that it is launching a challenge for one blogger, should they wish to accept it…

    The chosen blogger or journalist that has exhausted all existing Valentine’s Day options for their partner is invited to browse Art2Arts using an allocated gift voucher, to see if its diverse selection of paintings and easy-to-use search tools can solve their gift-giving woes, quickly highlighting a painting that reflects their lover’s visual style, passion or hobby or suits their home perfectly, for a gift that could only be for them.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts expanded, “Paintings aren’t the first choice for many people when looking for presents, but they really offer something one-of-a-kind that will touch the heart of those who receive it. At Art2Arts, users can search the paintings for sale using a text-tool, meaning that art in almost any subject can quickly be found – and that is why I have launched my challenge! Whether your partner loves dogs, beaches or just the colour blue, I am in no doubt that we can provide something to suit them, of course, at an affordable price.”

    Any bloggers who feel up to the challenge are invited to get in touch, explaining their gift-giving troubles this Valentine’s Day. The selected blogger will be given a gift voucher to use at Art2Arts and select their gifted piece. When the romantic holiday arrives, the online art gallery asks for the blogger to share their experiences, and the success of their gift on their online outlets.


  • Art2Arts highlights its muse-worthy portraits this Valentine’s

    There is no relationship more mysterious than an artist and their muse, a relationship built on inherent pure passion and painted for all the world to behold. Amid famous partnerships such as Picasso and Marie-Theresa Walter, Klimt and Emile Louise Flöge, even Lucian Freud and Sue Tilly, a leading online art gallery highlights its lust-filled portraits, so mysterious they could feature the untold muses of its community of artists.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed “While ultimately art is a consumer item for whoever purchases it, paintings are incredibly personal to the artist themselves, offering insight into their mind and often, their heart. As such, portraits are a wonderful choice for art fans that like to ponder the inspirations of each piece, letting the imagination run wild and form opinions of the artist and of course, the subject.”

    Little is known about artist Helder Oliveira, making this artist even more intriguing to those who like to romanticise the paintings they purchase. Amongst pictures of celebrities such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, portraits of pensive, passionate women offer snapshots into love-fuelled situations that so many have experienced. Paintings such as Long Wait – Beatrix and One Night With Daniel reveal women which, if are not the muse of the artist then are surely the object of another’s affection.

    Not limited to one sole muse, Peter Dadswell seems captivated by many subjects and stories, capturing them each with as much admiration and respect as the next. Provocative paintings such as The House is Empty Now and Venetian Venus offer the same sense of mystery that is apparent in famous portraits by great painters of their loved ones.

    Martin J Leighton is another popular artist at Art2Arts who favours the human form, resulting in a stunning portfolio of evocative work. Amongst his series of stunning figurative pieces, Private Moment depicts the type of candid moment that is often reserved only for the eyes of close relations.

    Fuelled by raw passion, the world of original art is perfect for celebrating this up-coming Valentine’s Day.

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