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Art2Arts Online Magazine

Featured Artwork, Art News, Artists & Exhibitions.

  • Colourful collages to brighten any space

    If you’re looking to brighten up your home, a collage can make a unique and exciting addition to your collection. Collages bring together different materials and combine colours to create something original and eye-catching. Many of the wonderful artists at Art2Arts specialise in creating these vibrant masterpieces by using their years of experience to generate inspiring and thought-provoking art.

    If you’re a fan of collages or you’re simply looking for an alternative to classical paintings, this collection of works will help you bring something new to your home and create a talking point that is sure to bring you plenty of compliments from friends, family and fellow art lovers.


    Naomi Vona

    Bruna by Naomi Vona Bruna by Naomi Vona

    This captivating creation by our very own Naomi Vona offers a unique perspective from one of our favourite artists. The contrast of sharp colours overlaid onto a sepia tone image creates an eye-catching piece that will grab anyone’s attention. The deliberate choice to use aged paper creates a wonderful vintage style that adds to the underlying sense of contrast that runs through the theme of the piece. The composition of the collage has been very well thought out and Naomi has clearly thought about how her work will reach people by juxtaposing contrasting shapes and patterns. This is just one of the amazing pieces in Naomi’s collection so be sure to check out her other artwork.


    Jenny Morgan

    John by Jenny Morgan John by Jenny Morgan

    This depiction of the iconic and beloved musician, John Lennon is one of the most beautiful and intricate collages available on at Art2Arts. Created using newspaper torn newspaper cuttings, it is obvious how much care and attention that Jenny put into crafting this amazing piece of art. The painstaking attention to detail and beautiful use of shading has resulted in a collage that any music fan or art lover would be proud to add to their collection. There is plenty of Beatles art floating around on the market but this is truly a unique piece that will make you the envy of your fellow followers of the fab four.

    Through the Window

    John Varden

    Through the Window by John Varden Through the Window by John Varden

    This uniquely abstract take on a window scene by John Varden is one of our favourite collages. The mixture of warm colours creates a sense of calm joy that would bring out the vibrancy of any room. The organic shapes within the collage have been organised geometrically in a way that is naturally pleasing to the eye and the layering of texture adds to the depth of the piece. The unique style adopted by John has become very popular with collectors and much of his work has ended up in galleries and homes across the world.


    Amanda J Aspinall

    Hexolgy by Amanda J Aspinall Hexolgy by Amanda J Aspinall

    As one of our most popular artists, Amanda has sold a number of her pieces to people all around the world. She often describes her fascination for colour and passion for different textures and patterns as the driving force behind her art. This piece, in particular, is a perfect example of her unique creative style and offers a vibrant centrepiece to a room or gallery. The mix of geometric lines and hexagonal structure with vibrant colour and rough texture has resulted in a perfect blend of order and chaos.

  • The perfect art to fit the latest interior design trends

    Finding the right art to match the style of your home can be difficult, especially considering how fast trends change and how quickly things go out of style in the world of design. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of extra colour to your bedroom or find a feature piece for your living room, it’s important to find the right artwork that fits into your home and matches your personal taste.

    With so many new interior design trends popping up this year, you may be struggling to find the right artwork for you. To help you out, we’ve taken a look at some of the latest trends and suggested a number of paintings that match them perfectly.


    Simply Grass by Susan Wooler Simply Grass by Susan Wooler

    Indoor plants have made a huge comeback this year in the world of interior design as more people are filling their space with greenery. The key to this trend is to minimise wall colours and use plants and simplistic accessories for the accent colour. White walls are a good call and will help to make the plants and artwork in your room pop.

    This piece by one of our talented artists, Susan Wooler would make a perfect addition to an office or kitchen that has been designed with light, clean colours. Simply Grass was created using oil paints and features a modest collection of colour tones that are intriguing yet simplistic. The sharp brush strokes make this a beautiful peace that would accent a lightroom perfectly.



    Guinea Fowl by Sally Parkin Guinea Fowl by Sally Parkin

    Many interior designers are ripping away the clean veneer of plaster and paint to reveal a more raw and industrial style. Bare brickwork and exposed wood have become very popular over the last year, especially in family homes and studio apartments. If you prefer the rustic look of exposed brickwork, you’ll love this piece by Sally Parkin. Guinea Fowl is a unique black and white piece that has been created using a lino print. The bold contrast and harsh lines create a simplistic and raw image which would fit perfectly on a brickwork or plaster wall.



    Amsterdam In The Evening by Irina Rumyantseva Amsterdam In The Evening by Irina Rumyantseva

    The vintage trend has made waves in all corners of every creative industry. From clothing and fashion to art and interior design, the world has started looking backwards and rejuvenating trends of decades gone by. More people are beginning to choose classic furniture and vintage décor to give their homes a new look and we have plenty of art to match this style.

    Amsterdam in the Evening is a wonderful piece by Irina Rumyantseva which offers a beautiful impressionist depiction of a gorgeous Amsterdam strip at night. The elegant shapes and rich colours make this a perfect match for a vintage bedroom. All it’s missing is a luxurious frame to finish it off.

    Go big

    N’Veintitres by Amanda J Aspinall N’Veintitres by Amanda J Aspinall

    As more people are realising the benefits of using artwork to decorate their homes, interior design is becoming more reliant on amazing artists to provide quality work. A popular trend now being adopted is to use extra-large paintings as opposed to a traditional painted feature wall. N’Veintitres by Amanda J Aspinall would make a perfect piece for any living room or home gallery. The vibrancy of this piece will bring your room to life and is sure to be a talking point.

  • The story behind the world's most famous paintings

    The historical timeline of the art world is full of influential artists that have created some of the most iconic paintings in history. For centuries, artists have pushed the boundaries of creation by developing new techniques and finding inspiration from places never thought of before. Among the vast number of paintings created throughout history, there is a handful that has become so iconic that they still draw in millions of tourists every year. Every painting has a story behind it and in this post, we take a look at some of the most famous of them.

    Mona Lisa

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci Source:

    The Mona Lisa has become an iconic cultural symbol and has been referenced and featured in media all over the world. The painting itself was created by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1519. The history of the painting is shrouded in mystery which is one of the reasons it has become so famous. There has been much debate over the identity of the painting’s subject with some believing that it is a portrait of the artist’s mother and others arguing that it depicts the wife of Francesco di Bartolomeo del Giocondo, a Florentine Merchant. There are even theories that the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of Da Vinci in drag.

    The Starry Night

    Vincent van Gogh

    The Starry Night Source:

    Painted in 1889, this iconic piece was created by the famous Dutch artist, Vincent van Gogh. Known for his unique style and advanced development of post-impressionism, he became one of the most prolific artists of his time and his legacy has inspired millions of other creators. Despite being such a talented artist, Van Gogh also suffered from serious mental health problems which is why he eventually committed himself to the Saint-Remy asylum. Shortly before painting The Starry Night during his stay at the asylum, he wrote to his brother and spoke about how beautiful the sky looked from his room. This is believed to be the inspiration for the iconic painting.

    A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

    Georges Seurat

    A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte  by Georges Seurat Source:

    Even those not overly familiar with the art world may be familiar with this iconic piece of post-impressionist modern art by the renowned French artist, Georges Seurat. The iconic park scene captures an afternoon in one of the many suburban areas on the outskirts of Paris. Unlike many of the Parisian artists of the time, Seurat liked to focus his work on the working classes of the city and drew inspiration from further outside of the city among the factories and social spaces. This particular piece utilised his iconic pointillist style to recreate the scene with a series of dots and dashes in a way that no other artist can.

    The Garden of Earthly Delights

    Hieronymus Bosch

    The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch Source:

    This vibrant and active piece by the famous 16th-century painter, Hieronymus Bosch has been a favourite of artists all over the world for years. Painted between 1503 and 1515, it is a surrealist depiction of a fictional garden that embodies the strong medieval belief in god. The theme of the painting revolves around the good vs evil narrative and illustrates all kinds of fictional characters and strange scenarios.

  • Tips for young people considering a career in art

    The amazing thing about the world of art and creativity is that anyone can make their mark in it. History is full of famous creators that started out with nothing more than a pencil and a dream. If you have a passion for art, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of trying to navigate the saturated art industry but don’t worry. Although the competition seems to be fierce these days, with more hopeful artists than ever clambering to make a name for themselves, these top tips will help you break into the art scene and get the recognition you deserve.

    Keep working

    Times can get hard and your effort can sometimes seem pointless if you’re not selling any of your creations but it’s important to keep going. Don’t let the possibility of failure put you in a creative rut. Keep creating and keep improving your skills and you will increase your chances of getting recognised. Even if you put it down to sheer odds- the more work you produce, the higher the chance that someone will see one they want to buy.


    It’s important to learn from the best and find artists who inspire you but remember to be original and develop your own style. All of the most famous artists throughout history have gained recognition from their unique style and approach. No one wants to buy a replica but if you put yourself into your art and create something unique, you’re more likely capture people’s attention.


    Today’s art industry is a bustling network of artists, dealers and global institutions. At the speed the industry moves at, it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest trends and movements. Be sure to attend as many social events, talks, seminars, exhibitions and galas as you can. Meeting people within the industry will get your name circulating and give you a chance to make contacts and showcase your work.


    The passion for creating art will always come first but if you’re hoping to make a living from your work it’s important to invest time into the business side of things. Self-promotion and marketing are very important in such a fast-moving industry. It’s a good idea to seek out dealers or platforms that can help connect you with potential buyers and showcase your work.

  • The world's most visited art galleries and why they're worth the trip

    There are so many amazing art galleries and museums all over the world, each showcasing the best work from artists throughout history. Whether you’re in the heart of Paris or travelling across America, you can find hidden treasure troves of artistic gold. Art fans from around the globe often hop from country to country in search of the best galleries so we’ve decided to help out. We’ve put together this ultimate guide to the world’s most popular galleries so you can see which ones you still need to tick off your bucket list.

    The Louvre

    Paris, France

    This iconic building has been featured in books, films and TV shows for decades and has become an ambassador for art on the world stage. The gorgeous 200-year-old gallery is a work of art in itself and features some of the most intricate architecture in the world. Inside the halls of the Louvre, you will find some of the world’s most famous works by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art

    New York City, USA

    Perhaps one of the world’s most famous art museums, the Met has become a hotspot for travellers and art seekers. The historic institution boasts one of the biggest collections of classical and modern art in the world, featuring work from hundreds of cultures and civilisations throughout history. A trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is like taking a trip through time. Browse the never-ending collection of artwork and explore the artistic timeline of human culture.

    National Gallery

    London, UK

    If it’s classical artwork and historical paintings you seek, there’s no better place than the National Gallery. Located in the heart of the historic Trafalgar Square, the art museum hosts an extensive collection of works including iconic paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Hans Holbein and Leonardo da Vinci. The gorgeous interior of the National Gallery makes strolling through the historic halls one of the most enriching cultural experiences in the world.

    Vatican Museums

    Vatican City, Italy

    This historic Christian art museum is one of the oldest galleries in the world, with routes going back as far as 1506. For centuries the collection of artwork and historical documents at the Vatican Museums has grown to become one of the most sought after exhibitions in the world of art and culture. The painting collections include work from all of the greats including Raphael Caravaggio and Titian.

  • The history of impressionism

    Throughout history, there have been countless artistic movements and trends that have changed the way people create and view art. Many of these have stemmed from the creativity of prevalent artists throughout history and some have developed as a result of changes and advancements in culture, society or technology. All of them, however, have helped the world of art evolve and adapt in one way or another.

    When artists and historian talk about the key events on the historic timeline of art, the development of impressionism will often be brought up. It is widely considered the first modern movement in painting and set the foundation for numerous other trends and styles.


    The idea of impressionism was born in1860s Paris out of a desire to break away from the strict and rigid artistic standards of the day. During that time the world of art was an exclusive place that shunned many artists and alternative styles outside the realm of sharply detailed realism. Powerful art institutions would only showcase official government-sanctioned exhibitions, which made it difficult for new artists and ideas to emerge. To break away from this restrictive system, artists moved towards impressionism.


    The concept of impressionism is to remove the restrictive desire to emulate every minute detail of a scene. Impressionists aim to capture the momentary feeling and sensory effect of the subject or environment. By loosening their grip on the brush and adding lighter colours to their palette, Impressionists aim to emulate the same impression that objects make on the eye in a fleeting glimpse. Impressionism incorporates a different method in addition to an alternative style. When the movement began impressionist artists got away from studios and took to the streets and countryside.

    Famous Impressionists

    There are many famous names that have helped carry the torch of impressionism but the flame was sparked by Claude Monet. The iconic Parisian painter was one of the founding names in impressionism and helped kick-start the movement in the 19th century.

    It wouldn’t be fair to talk about Impressionism without mentioning one of the most famous names in art history, Vincent van Gogh. Gaining recognition during the post-impressionism era, the Dutch painter created some of the most famous pieces of art in the world.

    Impressionism today

    Since the development of impressionism, the world of art has continued to evolve and a number of new movements have spawned as a result. Today there are millions of artists that practice impressionist painting, producing some of the best work from around the world. The movement still remains one of the most iconic events in the history of art and continues to inspire artists all over the globe.

  • From small town Japan to Adele's favourite artist: why Yayoi Kusama is still one of the world's most influential artists

    There have been few artists throughout history whose work has been as far-reaching and influential as Yayoi Kusama. More than just a painter or drawer, Kusama has made her mark on numerous creative industries and art forms. Some of the biggest names in the world of art have been directly influenced and inspired by her work and artistic process. Here we discuss how the hopeful artist from a small town in Japan rose to become one of the most iconic names in modern art.


    Yayoi Kusama was born in 1929 in the city of Matsumoto, which sits at the heart of the mountainous region of Nagano in Japan. She was born into an affluent family of traders who operated in the bustling city markets. As a child, she was fortunate enough to have access to creative materials which allowed her to cultivate her natural artistic flair from a young age.

    She took a keen interest in the patterns, shapes and textures she found in the natural scenery around her home and everyday items. At a young age, Kusama experienced a series of hallucinations that caused her to see flashes of light and dense fields of dots. These would later influence some of her most iconic work.


    The 1950s was when Kusama really began experimenting with her art and using the techniques she had learned to create her own unique style. Some of her early work consisted of abstract works created using watercolours gouache and oil. Like most artists, her initial canvas was paper but she soon moved onto bigger things.

    As her artistic journey progressed, Kusama began painting polka dots on walls, objects and live models. This was a technique which later brought her much recognition and fame in the art world. Not satisfied with paint alone, Kusama tried her hand at many other disciplines including writing, fashion, film and performance art.

    In the late 50s, Kusama headed to New York and joined the emerging art scene and became a key player in the development of the avant-garde movement. Her experimental and often unorthodox approach produced some of the most memorable installation and exhibitions in modern art.

    Over the span of her career, Kusama has inspired and mentored famous artists such as Andy Warhol, creating a new generation of modern artists. Recently she has taken the pop culture world by storm with installations such as the Infinity Room which was featured in Adele’s music video for When We Were Young.

  • Art and Music: How Are The Two Forms Linked?

    Art and music are often talked about in connection with one another. Though they are different in many ways, they are both forms of art used to portray an emotion and create a reaction from their specific audiences. This naturally creates links between the two.


    What Are The Main Links Between Art and Music?

    There are a number of different links between art and music and these can be seen regardless of the type of art and music that’s being discussed or enjoyed.

    Response to Culture and Society: Both art and music can be created as a response to what’s happening in culture and society at any given time. For example, musicians may write lyrics as a direct response to something that has happened in the news while artists can depict an event by painting it; this link can be seen throughout history. As culture and society changes, so does the art and music being produced.


    Artwork by Elena Kourenkova

    Trends and Movements: As with all forms of artistic expression, art and music are both subject to trends and movements. These come and go over time, but within the realm of all art forms there’s a constant evolution of what is and is not popular. Whereas art has seen movements such as abstract expressionism and pop art rise to the fore at different times in history, music too has seen trends such as 70s punk rock and 90s girl power come and go. Both art and music evolve over time to meet the wants, needs and feelings of their audiences.


    Artwork by Robert Andler-Lipski

    Liked and Disliked: Art and music are both open to interpretation and what one person likes, another may not. In fact, a popular painting or hit song may be disliked by a number of people. Both art and music are created with a specific audience in mind and this often means that even those that prove to be successful are not free from criticism.

    Inspire and Evoke Emotion: Whether it’s a painting, performance art, a rap or a romantic power ballad, all forms of art and music are created in the hope that they will evoke emotion within the audience. This link is one that be found across all forms of art and music.

    When looking at the close relationship existing between art and music, it’s easy to see that these two forms of expression are intrinsically linked culturally and historically. Though they are different in the way they are created and consumed, they often express similar ideas and respond to similar events and public sentiment.

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