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  • Spotlight artist: Caroline Ashwood


    Beauty Berry Bush by Caroline Ashwood

    Here at Art2Arts, we pride ourselves on being more than just an art seller. We are a strong community consisting of talented artists and dealers that have been brought together through a mutual love for creativity and an appreciation of all art styles. Every week, we welcome new and innovative artists into the community so they can share their work with the world and make connections with collectors and buyers from around the world.

    Our artists are the lifeblood of Art2Arts and in this series, we will be picking a few out and providing you with more information about who they are, how they discovered their passion for art and the ways in which they developed their own unique styles. Whether you’re an aspiring artist yourself or a collector, you can always learn a lot from hearing about the journey of the artist and the experiences that inspired their work.

    In this post, we are taking a closer look at the life and career of one of our favourite artists, Caroline Ashwood. She has been part of the Art2Arts community for years and is renowned for producing some of the best-selling paintings on the website. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of her pieces or you have already added one to your collection, be sure to read on for more insight into her artistic history.

    Brilliant Bloom by Caroline Ashwood

    Early years

    Caroline was born in 1970 just as the swinging sixties was dying out and the era of disco and flared jeans was just beginning. She was born in Yorkshire, England which is known for its beautiful rural areas, bustling towns and quaint villages. It was the colourful and lively scenery that first inspired some of Caroline’s earliest paintings and drawings. Even at such a young age, it became clear to herself and her parents that she had a passion and a natural talent for art. She would spend hours painting and sketching every chance she got and was always looking for inspiration in nature.

    It was the local Bluebell Woods where Caroline would spend her days exploring and sketching the natural beauty she discovered. The leaves, flowers and bright natural colours were what inspired her to first put pencil to paper. It was this instinctive passion for creativity and observation that made her realise that she wanted to enter the world of art and improve her talents.

    Indigo Mosaic #2 by Caroline Ashwood


    Her first step towards an exciting career in art came when Caroline received formal training as a graphic designer. In this role, she got a real taste of working within the industry and got a chance to learn from talented professionals. She was able to get hands-on experience and increase her passion and creative side while improving her technical skills. After that, she moved on to work for the renowned advertising agency, M&C Saatchi among others. This was a unique opportunity that allowed Caroline to work with some of the best artists in the business. However, she eventually left after finding her true calling.

    Career painter

    During her time working in the graphic design industry, Caroline was able to cultivate a following thanks to her unique and creative work. After receiving a lot of praise and selling a number of her original pieces, she decided to become a full-time painter in 2002. This allowed her to focus completely on her work and get back to her roots. She opened up a studio in her home of Yorkshire where she was once again able to let the natural scenery inspire her to create colourful and vibrant artwork.

    Throughout her career, Caroline has developed a global network of collectors and buyers. In addition to hundreds of homes, her work can be seen in a number of galleries around the world. Her paintings have also been featured in various shows and award ceremonies over the years where they have captured the attention of the biggest names in the business.


    High Tide by Caroline Ashwood

    Style and process

    What sets Caroline’s work apart from others is the vibrant and visceral style that creates a sense of excitement and gives life to the canvas. When talking about her work, Caroline explains how she relies on her instincts to create spontaneous pieces that reflect her internal passion in addition to the inspiration she gets from her surroundings. The abstract style of her work is truly unique and is a reflection of her natural ability to express herself through her art.

    As you browse through her collection of paintings, you’ll see that there is a consistent vibrancy throughout all of them but there are a variety of different styles and subject matter. Caroline’s love for nature is evident in all of her work, from ocean-inspired pieces to paintings that follow a theme of flowers and plants. The liveliness of her paintings will add colour and excitement to any room or gallery.

  • Top 10 Artwork Trends for 2018

    picture 2

    The art world is always changing, constantly evolving with each passing year and bringing more and more interesting and evocative trends to the forefront of the art industry. It is now 2018, and as such the world of art is moving in a new direction, with a range of exciting new trends that will set out to break the mould, inspire artists and encourage a broader variety of artwork being created on a daily basis.

    This year, the art world will see an eclectic mix of popular trends come to the forefront. From masterful monochrome to simplistic line drawings, brilliant brights, images of the powerful woman, Japanese-inspired art and beautifully muted florals, this rich selection of trends makes for a very exciting year for art.

    No matter what your preferred style of art is, there is something for absolutely everyone to enjoy in this year’s artwork trends, from the incredibly simplistic to the bright and bold. Read on to find out more about the top ten artwork trends for 2018.


    Simplistic line drawings and prints are becoming more and more popular. These simple designs, often of people, flowers or animals, are so versatile and look great on display in any home. They celebrate the elegance of simplicity and are often influenced by the likes of Matisse and Picasso.

    Brilliant Brights

    In a stark contrast to the simplistic drawings mentioned above, another trend for 2018 is brilliant brights. Bright, bold hues that scream for attention are set to grace our walls this year, combined with abstract florals and shapes. Inspired by 80s brights, these pieces are forecast to be a real statement, talking point works of art that you simply will not be able to tear your eyes away from.

    Metallic Highlights

    Artwork featuring mixed metals is also very much on trend for 2018, with the use of gold leaf and metallic accents becoming increasingly popular. These work best with more abstract pieces, adding dimension and texture to the artwork. Popular metals used in such artwork include silver, gold and copper.

    The Powerful Woman

    As 2017 saw women break through the silence with the ‘Me Too’ movement, speaking openly and challenging many of the issues in our society, it makes perfect sense that one of the trends for artwork in 2018 has got to be female empowerment. These pieces of art celebrate the powerful woman and absolutely everything she stands for.

    Sage, Celery & Avocado Hues

    Earthy sage, celery and avocado tones are also trending in the art world for 2018. These natural, earthy hues work well in botanical prints and whilst they are a world away from Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year ‘Greenery’, a bright lime green, they continue to demonstrate the power and versatility of the colour green. They invoke a sense of warmth and give off a cosy vibe when used within the home.

    Relaxed Florals

    Florals will always be popular in the world of art, but for 2018 it’s all about toned-down, muted, florals. Think water colour florals, simple line drawings of flowers and moody, toned-down photographs. These relaxed florals invoke a sense of calm and serenity, and work well in the home without becoming too distracting.


    Monochrome photography has always been popular, however it makes a big comeback this year, with black and white fashion photography being a big hit in particular. Sophisticated black and white portraits compliment modern homes perfectly, often including famous icons such as Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren.

    Pantone’s Colour of the Year

    For 2018, Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet, a bright, bold blue-based purple hue. As it’s the colour of the year, it is most definitely a trend for 2018, and this somewhat futuristic shade is said to communicate ‘originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.’ It works well in jewel-toned artworks and space-themed artworks.

    Graphic Art

    Graphic design has become increasingly popular in the art world and this year is no different. Geometric patterns, graffiti and street-style art are all popular examples of graphic design art that we should see gracing our walls and art galleries throughout the year.

    Wabi Sabi

    Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy, which focuses around and celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Kintsugi, which is the Japanese art of mending broken things with gold, is an example of how Wabi Sabi celebrates these imperfections. So, artwork that demonstrates the beauty of imperfection is set to be big news this year.

    So there you have it – the ten biggest trends in the art world for 2018. This year is set to be a very exciting one for artists and art enthusiasts alike!

  • The Life of an Artist: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Life as an Artist

    picture 1

    A life as an artist is something many people aspire to. It gives you the opportunity to be free, to work for yourself, create as often as you like and do something you are truly passionate about.

    Whilst every artist is different, there are some similarities all artists share that will give you an insight into what it is like to be an artist and how they spend their time day-by-day. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at life as an artist.

    Say Goodbye to the 9-5

    For the majority of creatives out there, a 9-5 job simply isn’t appealing. Most artists want the freedom to create on their own terms, which is why a career making art and working for themselves is so attractive. Some artists may keep to a strict working schedule, whereas others might find they are only able to work on their art when creativity strikes them. Some artists will work better at night, whilst others may be early risers, starting work at 5 and finishing for the day by lunchtime. Whilst every artist is different, the thing that applies to the majority of them is that they are free to choose their working hours, and what works best for their creativity.

    Alone Time

    Of course, working as an artist does mean that all of your working time is spent alone. Some people can find artistry a lonely job for this reason, whilst others prefer it is as it gives them the space to get their creative juices flowing. Artists who find their work lonely often have a pet to keep them company throughout the day, or make sure to see friends and family during their lunch break. Some may even work in a shared studio with other artists, to break free from any potential loneliness.

    Gathering Inspiration

    Anyone in the creative field will know that there are times when you simply cannot find the inspiration needed to create your work. Particularly for artists, inspiration is of paramount importance because it, ultimately, is what makes an artist’s work unique. Depending on the type of artwork an artist does, sometimes it is worth them taking a step back, getting out of their comfort zone and becoming re-inspired. Some artists may spend several days devoted to regaining the inspiration for their work, and when inspiration does hit, it’s a valuable moment for an artist.

    Getting Out and About

    In order to get and stay inspired, many artists need to venture outside of their typical studio atmosphere in order to rest their mind, take a break from work and have a change of scenery. Many artists might venture out on their lunch break, while for others (those who paint landscapes, for example) will be regularly out and about in order to fulfil their role as an artist. Some artists even go as far as travelling far and wide in order to gather inspiration for their artwork, so when they return home they have lots of new inspiration to help them create their work.

    Seeing the World a Different Way

    One thing that all artists have in common is their ability to see the world in a different way. It is widely known that creative people see the world inversely to other individuals: they often daydream, people watch, surround themselves with beauty and observe absolutely everything around them. That’s why getting out and about works so well for artists – it gives them the chance to interpret the world their way, observe the things around them and gain inspiration from it.

    Unafraid of Failure

    Many artists are incredibly resilient, and despite facing difficulties or finding themselves failing more than once, they keep on going and working towards their goals. Whilst it can be frustrating for artists when things go wrong, often leading to them needing time to regain the inspiration they have lost, it also helps to strengthen them as artists and helps guide their goals on a daily basis. Many artists will display works they are particularly proud of in their studio to help motivate and inspire them.

    No Two Days Are the Same

    Unlike typical 9-5 office jobs, when you work as an artist, no two days are ever the same. There is always something new to create, new inspiration to gather and new ways of looking at the world. It is a career which never gets boring, as ultimately as an artist you are in control of your day-to-day activities and when and how you choose to spend your time. There is nothing monotonous about art, so as an artist every single day is exciting, varied and often unpredictable.

  • Artwork for Spring

    Spring is most definitely in the air: the flowers are beginning to bloom, sunny days are on the rise, the birds are singing their spring song and the earth is beginning to awaken once more.

    Spring is such a wonderful time of the year: this beautiful season brings new life into the world, is a great chance to start afresh, and brings with it a real sense of hope and optimism.

    As spring is such a visual, positive season, it makes perfect sense for spring artwork to be incredibly popular. Whilst the spring blossoms and daffodils only last for so long, a piece of artwork representing the season of spring will last you a lifetime.

    Looking for some spring artwork to adorn your walls at home with? At Art2Arts, many of our artists have created some seriously stunning spring artworks. Read on as we run through some of the gorgeous spring-inspired artworks currently available at Art2Arts.


    Arrival of Spring by Maureen Greenwood

    Arrival of Spring Artist: Maureen Greenwood

    Arrival of Spring’ by Maureen Greenwood is a gorgeous abstract piece, which comes alive with a combination of stunning colours and iridescent and metallic paints. Metallic accents are on trend for 2018 in the art world, so ‘Arrival of Spring’ is the perfect piece for even the most discerning art lover.

    ‘Arrival of Spring’ would look wonderful in any modern home and is sure to liven up the simplest of spaces. It is acrylic on canvas, measures 30 x 30 x 1.5 inches and is available to purchase for £325.


    Spring Lambs by Zoe Elizabeth Norman

    Spring Lambs Artist: Zoe Elizabeth Norman

    It wouldn’t be spring without seeing a spring lamb or two frolicking in a field, and ‘Spring Lambs’ by Zoe Elizabeth Norman does this oh so perfectly. Sitting in a meadow of primroses and butterflies, this piece beautifully captures the character of these two playful lambs. The mix of yellow and green give off a feeling of joy and positivity, what the season of spring is all about.

    Spring Lambs’ would look wonderful in traditional or more modern homes and is guaranteed to make you smile every time you see it. It is a watercolour piece on Hot Pressed Fabriano watercolour paper and measures 24 x 29 x 0.1 inches. It is available to purchase for £185.


    Blossoms in the Rain: A Parisienne Spring by David King

    Blossoms in the Rain: A Parisienne Spring by David King

    Blossoms in the Rain: A Parisienne Spring’ by David King is a stunning depiction of a rainy Paris during springtime. This piece is ideal for Paris fans and features the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background. The reflection of the rain on the pavement is beautifully captured, giving the piece an ethereal vibe.

    The piece would look perfect in traditional or more contemporary homes. It is an acrylic piece on box canvas and measures 24 x 36 x 1.5 inches. It is available to purchase for £95.


    Spring Cow by Irina Rumyantseva

     Spring Cow by Irina Rumyantseva

    Spring Cow’ by Irina Rumyantseva is a unique abstract piece, which stands out from the colourful spring pieces previously mentioned. With thick textured acrylic paint strokes, this expressive painting captures the essence of spring in a completely different way, with the black and white contrasting against the bright red nose.

    This painting would look beautiful in modern homes and is acrylic on canvas board. It measures 16 x 16 x 0.2 inches and is available to purchase for £89.


    Pink Blossom by Simon Fairless

     Pink Blossom by Simon Fairless

    One of the first definite signs that spring has arrived has got to be when the trees begin to blossom. ‘Pink Blossom’ by Simon Fairless captures this moment beautifully, with the gorgeous pale pink blossom contrasting against the bright, azure blue sky. This abstract work of art is simple yet powerful and is a brilliant representation of spring.

    This piece would work in both modern and more traditional homes. It is acrylic on canvas with gallery-wrapped sides and measures 26 x 26 x 1.3 inches. It is available to purchase for £630.


    Spring Flowers on Yellow by Jan Rippingham

    Spring Flowers on Yellow by Jan Rippingham

    Spring Flowers on Yellow’ by Jan Rippingham is a simplistic yet unique take on the season of spring. With a bright yellow background contrasting against the stark black jug, the painting comes to life thanks to the stunning spring flowers within it. This playful painting is sure to brighten up even the dullest of spaces and promotes the positive outlook that naturally comes with the season of spring.

    The painting would be perfect for both traditional and more modern homes and measures 15 x 22 x 0 inches. It is acrylic on watercolour paper and is available to purchase for £95.

    Every piece of spring artwork featured here is currently available to purchase from Art2Arts.




  • What makes a good painting?

    What makes a good painting? This is a very broad and subjective question that every person, painter and art lover will usually have a different answer to. Ever since drawings on cave walls turned to oils on canvas, artists have developed new techniques and argued over what makes a painting a work of art. The answer to this question is often determined by the experience and knowledge of the person answering it.

    Classical painters may talk about realism and say that the quality of a painting is down to its level of detail and representation of the subject. Whereas contemporary or abstract artists might suggest that it’s the painting’s ability to conjure emotions and provoke thought that makes it a work of art.

    These are just two opinions from an endless list of criteria. While there isn’t often a right or wrong answer when it comes to art, there are a few technical requirements and concepts that you can follow to get a better idea of whether a painting is ‘good’. Here are some of the important points to consider when looking at paintings, especially if you plan to buy one.


    The composition of a painting plays a huge part in how the viewer takes it in. It can impact where the eyes fall and how they travel around the painting. More often than not, the main focal point of a painting will be off-centre. Over the years, artists have found that placing the horizon above or below the centre results in a composite layout that is more pleasing to the eye. All of the great artists throughout history have used the composition of their work to take the viewer’s eye on a journey around the different elements of the painting before settling on the main feature or focus. Keep this in mind the next time you’re looking at a painting.


    Perspective is a very important part of a painting, particularly in the world of realism. If the special perspective within a drawing or painting is out of line or untrue, it can be very jarring for the viewer and will often look distorted. That being said, this is another aspect of painting which is often toyed with by artists to create surreal or abstract paintings. If the aim is to create a realistic representation of a subject, the accuracy of perspective is a useful signifier of a good painting. However, as mentioned, this is often down to the eye of the viewer and can change people’s opinions of the piece in different ways.

    Painting skill

    There are a number of reasons why paintings from great artists stand out above the rest but it often has a lot to do with their skill. Those with an experienced eye for art can spot work from a skilled painter easily and even those without any in-depth experience in the art industry can still tell a difference. That’s not to say that you need to be incredibly skilled to create good paintings as art is subjective but painters with experience and developed skills often create pieces that have a better composition and are pleasing to the eye. Also, a painting that has been made with great care and skill illustrates a deeper understanding and is often the sign of a good painting.

    Colour balance

    The choice of colours and the ways in which they are blended together is one of the most pivotal parts of a painting. Things like the level of saturation and harmony of tones are what create the overall feel of a painting and often stir emotions and evoke thought within viewers. Particularly in realism work, colour plays a huge part in creating an accurate portrayal. For example, if reflective colours or shadowing isn’t rendered properly, it can create a distorted or unrealistic effect. In more abstract work, colour often has a more intrinsic effect and affects people in different ways. Nevertheless, it is often clear when an artist has put time and thought into choosing the right colour palette.

    Emotion and thought

    Although there are millions of different opinions floating around the different schools or art, there is one idea that most artists and painters will agree upon. That is, that good art should inspire the viewer to think or feel something. What those thoughts or feelings are will change from person to person but if a painting causes you to feel an emotion or question your ideas, the painter has done their job. Whether you’re looking to buy a new painting for your collection or you find yourself wandering through a gallery, it is the paintings that cause an emotional or cognitive response that will stand out to you.

  • Support British artists: buy original artwork from UK based artists

    Britain has been a hub of art and creativity for centuries and over the years has given birth to some of the biggest movements in history. Here at Art2Arts, we think it’s important to support British artists and help move the industry forward. This post looks into the rich history of art in Britain and points out some of the iconic artists, movements and events to show why buying UK-based art is so beneficial for the community.

    During the early stages of the medieval era, realism art began to develop in Britain. Some of the oldest paintings include the iconic series of paintings of Queen Elizabeth I which are renowned for illustrating the evolution of art in the UK. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, art in Britain boomed and as the number of paintings and artists rapidly began to grow. Although the majority of artwork was usually depictive of royals or important aristocrats, artists began to experiment with new techniques and different subject matter.

    Throughout the Victorian era, a number of British artists began to move away from the rigid requirements of realism and started to experiment with new concepts. Cartoons became very popular at the time and were often used in newspapers and magazines as part of satirical and often political pieces. The concept of abstract art and impressionism slowly began to emerge also, with numerous paintings from artists that strayed away from realism. The famous ‘Nocturne in Black and Gold’ series by James Abbot McNeill Whistler is one of the most iconic examples of artwork that was unappreciated and even attacked during its time.

    After the turn of the 20th century, art in Britain experienced another leap forward with the introduction of new modernist movements that introduced the world to a huge list of new British artists. Impressionism was inspired by artistic movements in France and quickly became a subject of contention in the UK. Emerging artists and new concepts like this were often welcomed initially by critics with scorn however the British art industry has a strong history of adapting and evolving with the times.

    Today, the British art scene boasts some of the greatest and most creative minds in the industry. The post-modern movement brought with it a wave of contemporary artwork that has opened the door to a new generation of artists. What’s great about UK art, however, is that there is room for everyone. The evolution of the UK art industry has allowed all styles and concepts to flourish. Although new movements like street art have become very popular, you will still find exhibits all over the country dedicated to historic artwork and classical movements.

    Here’s a look at some of the great UK-based artists that have helped move the industry forward over the years, including some that are still creating brilliant art that can be bought today.

    John William Waterhouse

    Responsible for one of the greatest works in the history of British art, John William Waterhouse was one of the most revered painters of the 19th century. He was trained in the Academic style of the time but was among the first to adopt the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood style. Much of his work is still on display in galleries around the country.

    Francis Bacon

    Anyone familiar with the British art industry will have heard of this quirky artist and may have seen some of his breakthrough pieces. Known for working way outside of the box, Francis Bacon is responsible for creating some of the most influential works of art in British history. His exhibits helped inspire a new generation of artists and still draw in crowds today.


    This anonymous artist played a huge part in the development of the street art movement. His controversial graffiti paintings, many of which can still be seen on the streets of Britain, helped change street art from an anti-social crime to a recognised form of modern art. Today, there are hundreds of galleries around the UK that showcase some of the incredible work done by emerging street artists.

    Caroline Ashwood

    Caroline Ashwood is one of the many talented British artists that are helping to push the industry forward with their work. The Yorkshire-born painter specialises in abstract work and has continued to create and sell art for over 15 years, most of which is available through Art2Arts. Caroline’s work provides a perfect example of why you should buy more art from UK-based artists.

    In recent years, despite the development of new creative movements, the art industry in the UK has been suffering as a result of reduced funding and a lack of governmental support. Fortunately, several institutions and organisations have been fighting to improve the British art industry and provide more opportunities for artists. Art2Arts is proud to provide a platform on which British artists can showcase their incredible work and get the recognition and compensation they deserve. If you’re looking to buy art, be sure to browse the huge catalogue and support the British art industry.


  • Ravishing red: The best red artworks from the Art2Arts gallery

    If you’re looking to add a splash of bright colour to your interior or searching for a gift for a vibrant friend, we’ve got ravishing red artwork that you’ll love. Whether you have a love of creative abstract pieces or a passion for stunning landscapes, there’s a piece in red waiting to be discovered, including these incredible ten pieces.

    1. Abstract British Landscapes #4 by Ria Janta-Cooper

    Abstract British Landscapes #4  Ria Janta-Cooper

    This piece promises to instantly liven up any space that it’s hung in thanks to the intriguing castle ruins and dramatic sunset. The bold red contrasts perfectly with the dark silhouette for an image that certainly catches the eye. The high-quality finish ensures that it’ll look great wherever you decide to place your new purchase.

    2. Poppy Mist by CK Wood

    Poppy Mist by CK Wood

    Add just a touch of beautiful red to your interior with the Poppy Mist piece. Giving off a contemporary feel, the black and white image with just the poppies in stunning colour is exquisitely detailed and guaranteed to be a talking point for anyone that sees it. The textured impasto painting technique used ensures it has depth and extra presence. Ready to hang straight on your wall, it could add the finishing touch to your space in an instant.

    3. Lovers – Hot Lips by Carmen Tyrrell

    Lovers - Hot Lips by Carmen Tyrrell

    If you’re looking for a passionate painting, this one is perfect. Taking inspiration for Valentine’s day, the artist has captured a pair of lovers caught in an embrace. Hanging this acrylics on canvas piece guarantees to add a flash of emotion to your décor. Through combining beautiful red hues with dark, contrasting colours, that artist creates a seemingly simple piece infused with emotion.

    4. Rising Sun by Paresh Nrshinga

    Rising Sun by Paresh Nrshinga

    When you want more than a little red in your chosen piece of art, the Rising Sun acrylic painting is ideal. Inspired by the colour in the world around us, the artist of this artwork creates abstract beauty that draws viewers in. With a predominately red colour palette, it ticks all the boxes for those looking to embrace colour with a modern vibe that’s perfect for a variety of spaces, from cosy home interiors to open offices.

    5. Work in Progress by Martin J Leighton

    Work in Progress by Martin J Leighton

    With just a subtle touch of red, this piece of work gives an understated touch of colour to your space. The elegant, abstract style and reflective background tells a story in just a glance. The unfinished work captures the attention of admiring viewers who will undoubtedly want to know more about the woman in red. Coming professionally framed in black with a gold inner edge, it’s ready to hang straight up on your blank space now.

    6. Distant Hills by Jane Palmer

    Distant hills by Jane Palmer

    Capture the colours of a stunning sunset by choosing this piece of artwork. Blending reds with yellows and oranges, this canvas is alive with colour and warmth. The rolling hills in the distance are just what’s needed to elevate the painting and are part of what makes it such an attractive ravishing red piece. The sides of the canvas are painted a brilliant white, so there’s no need to worry about getting a frame that will do it justice.

    7. David Bowie by Olga Koval

    David Bowie . Idea for interior design. by Olga Koval

    Bring some red into your space and pay tribute to a pop culture icon with this David Bowie inspired piece. It’ll become an instant focal point for interiors and will, without a doubt, draw attention from any guests. The vibrant colours contrast perfectly with the black and white to provide a beautiful balance that’s hard to rival. It’s an oil paint tribute to a legend that can’t be beaten and for a fan of Bowie it’ll be an art piece they can’t wait to show off.

    8. Red Tulips by Roz Edwards

    Red Tulips by Roz Edwards

    Bring the outdoors in with this stunning imagery of red tulips. Through focussing on the beautiful, natural shape of petals, the artist has managed to create a unique floral image that’s filled with warmth to give rooms an instant lift. Mounted on brilliant white, it’s suitable for a range of frame colours and styles, allowing you to match the finished look to your own personal style and décor.

    9. Eddy by Pauline Thomas

    Eddy by Pauline Thomas

    Do you love abstract art? This powerful and undeniably bold piece could be perfect for you. With vibrant red, and blue added for good measure, it’s a lifting and colourful piece that will stand out in almost any location. Produced ready to hang, it’s simple and convenient to add this piece of art to the collection you already own.

    10. Scarlet Lake by Isabelle Amante

    Scarlet Lake by Isabelle Amante

    The Scarlet Lake has a touch of mystery and intrigue to it. If you’re looking for something a bit different and filled with atmosphere, this could be just what you’re looking for. The unusual scene is perfect for those that like to stand out from the crowd, including with their art selection.

    So, which of these ten ravishing red artworks was your favourite or have you found another beautiful piece to add to your collection on Arts2Arts?

  • Pretty in pink: The best works in the Art2Arts gallery for the millennial pink trend

    If you want to get on board with the millennial pink trend that seems to have swept across all aspects of interior design, investing in stunning art is a great place to start. Showcasing pink hues, from soft pastels to vibrant neon shades, is the simple way to instantly give interiors a modern twist with minimal hassle.

    1. Flower 9 by Simon Slater

    Flower 9 by Simon Slater

    Looking for something that uses vibrant summer colours and has a contemporary appeal? The Flower 9 acrylics painting would look stunning hung on your wall. Using bold, striking floral shapes, the image takes your thoughts straight to the outdoors and gardens. The one of a kind artwork perfectly blends millennial pink and beautiful purple tones to give a modern yet elegant result.

    2. Sunshine and Happiness by Rob Bere

    Sunshine and happiness by Rod Bere

    For a pink piece of art that doesn’t overwhelm, the Sunshine and Happiness painting is just what you’ve been looking for. The subtle shades are perfect for the floral scene and creating a relaxing atmosphere in homes. It’s ready to hang in your home as soon as it arrives, so you’ll be able to embrace the millennial pink trend in no time at all.

    3. Matilda by Naomi Vona

    Matilda by Naomi Vona

    If you love surreal, contemporary designs, this work of art entitled Matilda should be high up on your list of pieces to consider. Using unique materials, such as washi tape, it’s truly a unique, millennial creation. It perfectly captures a generational style combined with bright, bold shades of pink to ensure it appeals to those searching for millennial pink inspiration. Referring to the classic namesake song ‘Matilda’ by Harry Belafonte, it comes with a story too.

    4. Summer Memories by Paresh Nrshinga

    Summer Memories/ Butterfly collage by Paresh Nrshinga

    Bring the outdoors in and add a touch of fresh millennial pink with an original, abstract collage piece of art. It’s a fantastic choice for bringing a feminine feel throughout interiors, while the warm, bright colours evoke memories of summers – it’s a great option for a gift to a loved one. The beautiful creation uses shapes to create a feel of movement and emotions to give it that extra appeal, that you’ll love to gaze at.

    5. Geisha Garden by Michelle Carolan

    Geisha Garden by Michelle Carolan

    This abstract painting doesn’t just use millennial pink to great effect, it showcases bold and vivid colours effortlessly to capture the delicate nature of a Japanese Geisha. If you love impressionist art, this layered style painting is the perfect addition to your collection. The inspirational design, evokes a sense of creativity, calmness, and tranquillity that makes it the perfect art to hand in a range of interior settings.

    6. Rose Pink Landscape by Carol Ann Wood

    Rose Pink Landscape by Carol Ann Wood

    Rose tones and millennial pink have been two of the hottest trends over the last twelve months, and this stunning landscape acrylics painting gives you them both. The stunning colours gives Carol Ann Wood’s piece a mystical feel that captures the imagination and transports viewers. It’s the ideal piece of art to invest in if you’re looking for a unique take on nature to show off in your home.

    7. Zantedeschia by Kelly Marie Davidson

    Zantedeschia by Kelly Marie Davidson

    This elegant and alluring painting truly captures the millennial pink colour. Showing a beautiful Spanish bride surrounded by falling blossoms and confetti, the stunning dress is designed to look like Calla Lilies, or Zantedeschia. It’s simply a delightful piece that tells a story from the moment that you look at it.

    8. Blossom II by Katie Daw

    Blossom II by Katie Daw

    If you’re looking for something that is modern and fun, look no further than Blossom II. Taking floral designs and giving it a contemporary twist, this is a canvas that is millennial in design, going beyond the bold pink shade used throughout the artwork. It’s a one-off creation that you can proudly display in your home, knowing that it’s entirely unique.

    9. Sisterhood by Naomi Vona

    Sisterhood by Naomi Vona

    Another creation by Naomi Vona makes our list of pieces to browse if you want to add a touch of millennial pink to your décor. Combined with bright green, the stunning pink design certainly captures the eye. The whole painting acts as a statement on feminism while embracing a vintage vibe that gives the whole piece of art a unique feel.

    10. Orange Flamingos by Olga Koval

    Orange flamingos by Olga Koval

    If you want to embrace nature and the millennial pink trend, there’s one animal that will stand out – the beautiful flamingo. This piece captures the stunning birds on a foggy morning, combining bold pinks with shimmering water. Using oil paints, the artist achieves a superb finish and an appeal that draws viewers in. The edges have been painted, giving you the freedom to use a frame or not.

    If you’re looking to showcase some millennial pink art in your home, office, or any other location, these ten options are just the start of what you can discover on Art2Arts. In just a few clicks, you’ll be browsing millennial pink paintings that you’ll want to display.

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