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Art2Arts Online Magazine

Featured Artwork, Art News, Artists & Exhibitions.

  • Art2Arts Showcases Huge Selection of Contemporary Artwork to Add ‘Greenery’ to Stylish Homes

    As Pantone, the global colour authority, has revealed Greenery to be its 2017 Colour of the Year, many are searching for ways to incorporate this stylish forest hue into wardrobes, beauty looks and of course, into their homes. Hanging original art is a quick but sophisticated way to pay homage to the trend. Art2Arts, a foremost online art gallery with its finger on the pulse of seasonal style, reveals its huge selection of contemporary paintings that are perfect for adding a burst of this fashionable colour to walls across the country.

    Those that want to adhere to the Greenery tone exactly are sure to find the winning shade in Rock Pool, painted by the talented Louise Mead. This zesty green Pantone colour can be seen amongst the equally as vibrant yellow, orange and pink of the flowers found floating on top of the organic watery scene, creating an exotic, fresh piece of abstract art that fits the trend exactly.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed, “Pantone’s Colour of the Year predictions are always exciting, with 2016’s Rose Quartz & Serenity seeping into design, life and culture over the past 12 months. In 2017, I’m in no doubt that we’re sure to see more of the bright Greenery shade. Three months into the year, it’s already apparent as collectors and interior designers alike are gravitating towards artwork in these tones.”

    While Pantone is an expert in colour, its yearly trend predictions relate to more than just a shade of paint, taking into account wider cultural influences and inspirations. This year, Greenery is thought to evoke an optimistic feeling of new beginnings, rejuvenation and vitality. While it may not adhere to the colour palette exactly, Re-pack, Remove, Relocate by Tony Broadbent is infused with the same character and charm that Greenery signifies, inspired by the vision of pre-empting better outcomes and fresh memories.

    Ultimately, as suggested by the name, Greenery also represents an underlying appreciation of nature. Described as ‘nature’s neutral’, this shade’s popularity is largely due to civilisation craving more natural experiences as fast-paced modern life deprives people of them. Placing the viewer in the depth of a towering forest, with the sun seeping through the foliage, Rider by Tracy Butler offers the same natural immersive experience that this trend describes.

    Hosting hundreds of pieces of original art, all created by emerging contemporary artists from across the UK, Art2Arts is a diverse platform for purchasing artwork to meet every colour and design trend.

  • Art2Arts reveals why putting customer service first always pays off

    When online art gallery Art2Arts was launched over a decade ago, its mission was to sell only the best original art, in a way that valued premium customer service above all. Quickly building up a loyal customer base of regularly returning customers, the e-commerce start up re-iterates the value of operating with a client-focussed mind-set after noticing the business benefits it can bring.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts explained, “Customer service has always been at the heart of my brand, and it is something I feel very strongly about – a business that doesn’t care about its clients will not do well in the long run. To help build strong relationships with my clients, we offer simple but effective features such as free delivery and take care in approaching each purchase with a personal touch, catering to every collector’s needs. As long as you offer the best pieces and provide a great service, people will come back when looking to buy artwork.”

    This news comes as Art2Arts launches its Loyalty Reward Points Scheme, after recognising the buying habits of its faithful customers. The scheme gives members the opportunity to earn a number of ‘points’ with every purchase they make, accumulating discount over time. Regular users of the internet art buying platform and the newly launched scheme can quickly earn reductions on their next finds using these virtual tokens, helping them to build a diverse art collection much faster.

    Michelle continued, “In 2017, over a decade from when we first launched, I’m lucky to provide original art to numerous repeat customers (some of whom I’ve been serving since the early years) so started the Loyalty Reward Points Scheme to say thank you! Not only does their loyalty help our business succeed, but it continues to support the career of the artists whose work we host online, which is another core value for Art2Arts. By offering this discount we’re helping our customers, our artist and our business – a wholly positive experience!”

    Art2Arts welcomes a series of established and emerging artists to its online art community, including names such as CK Wood, Elena Kourenkova, Caroline Ashwood and more. The Loyalty Reward Points Scheme is applicable to every piece of artwork available on the leading art gallery platform.

    All members partaking in the scheme are automatically allocated 80 points to enjoy on future purchases upon signing up. Further points can be gained on every piece of art that is bought, as well as via friend and family referrals.

  • The professional way to hang original art

    tips for hanging art

    The reason why so many head to our website and buy original art online is so that they can invest in stunning pieces of contemporary art. Once purchased and delivered to your door, the full, dramatic, transformative effect that a piece of artwork can have on any room is clear. However, it is only possible to leverage the full aesthetic impact of your artistic investment if it is hung properly and more importantly, professionally.

    There are a multitude of factors to consider, making the process of hanging artwork an ‘art’ in itself! To ensure that you realise the full potential of your latest Art2Arts purchase, making it the stunning focal feature that it deserves to be, here are some tips to follow to hang it the professional way.


    Hang it at eye level

    Contemporary art was created to be appreciated, so it is important to hang it at eye level. While heights may differ, average ‘eye level’ is considered to be 57”. Try to ensure that the centre of the artwork, not the top of the art, hits this mark. If you are creating a ‘gallery wall’ with lots of different paintings, make the group also centre around 57”. (Apartment Therapy also wrote a blog post about this)

    Even if using a long shelf to display your pictures across the room, keep this at the 58” height. This is a technique utilised by galleries, and will add an expert touch to your home.

    But consider the height of the room

    If you are hanging art in a room with particularly low ceilings, then hanging it at 58” may appear unnaturally high. Try to use this theory, but bear in mind the proportion of the room you are dealing with.

    Also consider the surrounding furniture

    If you want to hang a painting above the sofa in the living room but the piece is only A4 size, it will not have the same impact as it would if it was hung on an alternative wall. As a general rule, ensure that your artwork is at least two-thirds the size of the furniture below it. If you don’t want to purchase a piece of large artwork, why not hang multiple, smaller pieces to make up the surface area instead?

    Plan your arrangement using paper

    Hanging and re-hanging art will cause damage to your wall, not to mention the art (appearing very unprofessional), so practice your arrangement using pieces of paper first until you are happy with your design.

    If you want further advice on how to hang your artwork professionally, get in touch with a member of our team – we’re happy to help you find ways to display your new contemporary art, making it a focal point to be proud of!

  • Surrey Named ‘Hub’ of Art Lovers as Online Art Gallery Sales Figures Revealed

    While it can be hard to find anyone that doesn’t appreciate art, at least at an aesthetic level, surprising sales figures have revealed that Surrey tops the nation, hailing it as a county of art lovers. This news comes as the online art gallery Art2Arts noticed it was preparing and packing more orders than usual to the South East English destination, causing it to analyse its sales figures to confirm the trend.

    As much as 10% of its overall sales between 2016 and 2017 came from Surrey, with neighbouring counties such as Durham and Nottinghamshire forming around 1% of national sales in comparison.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “This trend is unexplained yet interesting – it’s great to know that original art is being appreciated by so many in Surrey! It’s certainly known for being an affluent area, being so close to our capital city, which may explain the large volume of sales I send out to this county. Our artist’s work is sold across the country, yet often as one off pieces – Surrey buyers just seem to keep on coming back for more!”

    Art2Arts hosts work from artists based across the UK, including Surrey based painters such as Jan Rippingham. With her work often focussing on the natural countryside, sometimes even in Surrey itself, the region’s enviable countryside perhaps inspires further purchases of scenic pieces.

    Another local artist from the newly named artistic ‘hub’ is Steve Bonner. Alongside a landscape painting paying homage to Basing Park, close to his Hampshire home, this painter’s recent work takes a more fantastical approach, depicting mythical scenes and ethereal fairy figures against dramatic lunar backdrops.

    Art2Arts has provided a platform for buyers to discover original art from artists located across Britain for over a decade, first launching in 2006. With a simple to use search bar and an intelligent interface, art lovers can easily find the art that is perfect for them. With free UK delivery, each painting can quickly find its way to its new home whether that be in Surrey, or beyond!

  • Ruling with poised paintbrush, not an iron fist: female CEO offers start-up insight

    Michelle Gibbs turned her passion into profit over a decade ago when she launched her online art gallery business, Art2Arts in 2006. After gaining a degree in Interior Design, the urge to embrace her natural talent for painting grew too strong and soon she searched for a platform to sell her work, identifying the need for an online art gallery like the one she now runs. From an initial spark, start-up Art2Arts has grown into a trusted art retailing platform, now hosting hundreds of emerging artists from across the UK. Here, the creative CEO shares her story.

    Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed, “I’ve always been a ‘maker’, ever since I was young, and always assumed I would work in the world of art. After graduating and travelling the world, I worked in a call centre. It was then that I started to take up painting seriously again, satisfying my craving for creative work. The idea for Art2Arts came from here, soon realising that I wasn’t the only artist in need of somewhere to sell my work and spread it to a wider audience.”

    Following her instinct, she took this bright idea and turned it into a business, setting up a website that enabled herself and other artists to take control of the way their work is displayed, marketed and retailed to customers.

    “There were so many emerging artists out there who I admired - I was ringing them up and emailing them all to tell them about my idea! They were glad of the opportunity, and naturally it grew from there. Now, we have many artists applying to join our hand-picked community every day,” Michelle continued.

    Art2Arts is a fine example of a wider trend growing in the world of business, and the wider start-up community. Identifying a small, niche gap in the market where larger conglomerates cannot, talented individuals such as Michelle use their passion and skills to create a service that is in demand, leading to its inevitable success. With this underlying requirement for such a business, sales are organic rather than dictated by corporate systems.

    Michelle, now recently a mother, explains how her business gives artists the chance to also take their career into their own hands, “Thanks to my platform, you no longer need to rely on physical galleries to make a living from your art. Here, the only limitation is the amount you can make to keep up with the demand of your clients! We give each selected artist their own online space to curate and fill with paintings they believe will work commercially – something that many conventional galleries don’t offer. You can make it on your own, just like I did, and I’m pleased that I am able to facilitate this with my business.”

    Over 10 years after its initial launch, Art2Arts caters to a varied and faithful customer base, offering a loyalty rewards points scheme to build the relationship further.

  • Art2Arts Mother’s Day Gift Guide: the Modern, Minimal Mum

    Every holiday or event has conventional images, symbols and colours associated with them. While Halloween has pumpkins, orange shades and zombie green tones, Christmas uses a rich, organic green, complimenting the crimson red of a winterberry perfectly. Mother’s Day is synonymous with cheery spring shades and a variety of bright blooms, resulting many mothers receiving bouquets of their favourite flower at this time of year. Although many love these floral themed treats, not all mums are as enamoured by flowers and wildlife as the gift industry may make us believe!

    If your mum shies away from chintz and is contemporary, chic and mad for all things modern and minimal, here are some paintings for sale that will satisfy her carefully refined personal style.

    Drama – Juha Agren

    Drama – Juha Agren

    This limited edition giclée print fits in with the classic monochrome trend perfectly, using only shades of black, white and grey to create a multi-layered, moody image. Although the scene is rich with texture and detail, the limited colour palette keeps the piece calm, considered and ultimately, minimal. Stripped back and bare yet full of depth, this is the ultimate piece for any modern mother.

    Two Dishes – David Lyon

    Two Dishes – David Lyon

    Modern art doesn’t need to lack in colour or style and this oil pastel piece proves it. Whether your mother loves cooking or collects odds and ends, this simplistic, sophisticated duo of dishes is nothing short of perfection. A warm, muted colour palette of mustard and crimson tones set off the monochrome bowls, making them stand out against the earthy backdrop.

    Baby Love – Joss Rossiter

     Baby Love – Joss Rossiter 

    Vibrant works of art compliment modern, minimal homes wonderfully, adding interest to the ‘blank canvas’ walls and creating a focal point in every room. This contemporary acrylic painting by Joss Rossiter was made for this purpose, injecting any environment with energy. Although the joy in her work shines through in every painting by Joss, we chose this one for Mother’s Day, as it depicts a familiar scene of mother and child.

    Earth – Mireia Izquierdo

    Earth – Mireia Izquierdo

    This acrylic abstract painting ticks all the boxes for both the neutral and metallic colour trends that are now seen in so many homes. Although the colour used is subtle, it has a sophisticated end result. Whether your mother decides to place it in her living room or her dressing room, choosing this chic contemporary piece will certainly pay compliment to her taste.

    If you’re undecided on which painting to purchase for your mother this March, do get in touch. We will be happy to advise to ensure she receives the perfect piece.




  • The art you loved last year

    Although appreciation of art is something that will remain timeless, there are certain styles that are more popular each year. While we are starting to get a glimpse into where the trends could be heading in 2017, we take a look into the types of art that you, our Art2Arts customers, loved in 2016!


    2016 was certainly the year that the world seemed to break free from every existing ‘box’ it was categorised in, with many political decisions paving the way for a very different 2017.  While all this was happening, it seemed that the art you bought reflected this limitless atmosphere as raw, organic abstract art remained a favourite amongst our customers. Artists such as Caroline Ashwood sold well, constantly creating the colourful pieces that provided the injection of light-hearted fun that you craved!

    ‘Good Vibrations’

    ‘Good Vibrations’ by Caroline Ashwood. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.


    Whether calm and peaceful or raging and full of energy, seascapes were also loved by our community of art fans in 2016. Due to its naturally tactile qualities, seascapes can be recreated in a wide range of styles and using many mediums, making this subject or genre of art incredibly diverse and the artists we host are constantly updating this category with stunning examples of sea scenery. Amongst the many seascapes that were sold, the beautifully realistic ‘Shimmering Ripples’ by Stefan Fierros found a new home last year. Although this is original art and cannot be reproduced, Stefan continues to update his personal gallery with a plethora of paintings, featuring the sea at various beautiful times of the day and night.

     ‘Shimmering Ripples’

    Shimmering Ripples’ by Stefan Fierros. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.


    Sometimes, visual trends can’t be explained. One of these unusual yet charming instances was last year, when paintings of cows sold well (and look set to continue doing so in 2017!) Artists Irina Rumyantseva and Casimira Mostyn continue to be firm favourites, with their individual styles of painting this farmyard creature becoming highly sought after.

    ‘Funky cows’

    ‘Funky cows’ by Irina Rumyantseva. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.

    Realistic landscapes

    In the age of Instagram, we are now exposed to hundreds of visually stunning images each and every day, often in the form of photographs. However, while these pictures are beautiful, and have certainly inspired a new generation that appreciates the arts more than ever, it has also caused a drive towards capturing these same moments but in the form of original art. Realistic landscapes capture the types of scenes that may pop up on our newsfeeds but in a truly unique way, making them incredibly appealing to a wide audience. A painting of the National Trust reserve, Waggoners Wells by Jan Rippingham is one of many jaw-dropping landscapes that made its way to you in 2016.

    ‘Waggoners Wells,

    ‘Waggoners Wells, Hampshire’ by Jan Rippingham. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online. 

    Did you buy any art online from each of these categories? Where do you think the trends are heading this year? Get in touch – we love to hear your thoughts!

  • Meet Michelle Gibbs: Mother, painter and Art2Arts director

    Here at Art2Arts our artist interview series has been very popular. Offering an insight into the thoughts, inspirations and creative process of many artists in our creative community, we’re not surprised that you’ve enjoyed learning more about those who create the fantastic work that makes your home brighter!

    However, as well as learning about each individual artist, we also wanted to dig deeper into the personality responsible for running our online art gallery. In our latest post meet Michelle Gibbs, mother, painter and Art2Arts director.

    Michelle Gibbs

    You started selling your art online back in 2006. Was this when you first discovered you loved making art, or have you done so since you were a child?

    I have always been creative and since I was a child was always making, creating and drawing, however I didn’t start painting properly until about 2004.

    What were your first pieces like? How has this changed?

    My early work was much different from now. I did my first ever paintings using emulsion paint, as I had decorated my bedroom and used what I had leftover! It’s still hanging in my auntie’s house. Now my style has developed, and I paint using acrylics and oil rather than industrial wall paint!

    ‘On the Other Side’

     ‘On the Other Side’ – view here.

    What did you do before you set up Art2Arts?

    I was studying at collage, then went on to do a degree in Interior design. I worked in a call centre on the side and I also did a lot of traveling, which I’m sure inspires my work to this day.

    Did you always think you would within art?

    Yes, I just didn’t know in what way.

    And did you ever think you would own a business?

    Yes.  I was inspired by my dad who always owned his own business. I remember answering his business line when I was very young. I set up a desk in my bedroom, ready and waiting for a call to come in! I also used to make Christmas stockings and hair scrunches and sell them at school – I suppose you could say I have been business minded from a very young age.

    As well as realising that there were other artists that also needed a platform to sell their work online, were there any other events, personal or cultural, that led towards you setting up Art2Arts?

    I initially set it up to sell my own artwork. I admire other artists and just started contacting them to join. It naturally grew from there.

    ‘The Creative’

    ‘The Creative’ – view here.

    What was your mission when you first set up Art2Arts?

    To offer ONLY original artwork by UK based artists and to offer excellent customer service. I’m very passionate about this.

    Has this changed now?

    I’ve stuck with the above, but the number of artists has grown dramatically as has the website and the ease of using it, helping me to reach these goals.

    Do you think the art, or the online art landscape has changed over the 11 years that you have been running your business?

    Yes very much so. There are a lot more online galleries today than when I first started, but I believe as long as you offer the best and provide a great service people will come back when looking to buy artwork.

    Do you think that it is important for artists to take their career into their own hands to make a living at it?

    Yes, you no longer have to rely on physical galleries. You can make it on your own - just go out and try it!

    ‘Evening Stroll’

    ‘Evening Stroll’ – view here.

    What is your favourite part about running your own business?

    The flexibility and not having to get up early! No, I enjoy offering original artwork and get great satisfaction from being able to offer a place where artists can sell their artwork and customers can get peace of mind, buying it with a safe platform.

    You have recently become a mother – has this changed the way you run your business?

    No, I have developed the business so that there are lots of processes in place which make it easier to run. Luckily, she is a good girl (so far) so I still get plenty of time to work on my business.

    What can we expect from Art2Arts in the future?

    More quality artwork and a continuing stream of fantastic artists joining our community!

    Michelle Gibbs hosts her work online, joining the many original artists that use the platform. You can view her personal work here.

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