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Are you a budding artist looking to share your creative talents with the rest of the world?

Luckily for you, social media has made showcasing your work easier than ever before and offers the opportunity to connect with millions of art lovers right across the globe in a matter of minutes.

If you are thinking of giving your art more exposure this year, let’s take a look at a few reasons why every artist should be investing a little time into creating an Instagram account.


The most visual social media channel

Instagram is by far the most visual social media channel, making it the ideal platform for any artist who wants to get themselves noticed online.

Easy to set up and completely free to use, get to grips with hashtags as soon as you create your account as this will open your artwork up to a wider potential audience.

Once you are set up, be sure to add images of your own work as well as any influences you may have as this will help you attract followers with similar interests.

We love Ronald Hunter’s Instagram profile as his abstract colourful art is just perfect for such a platform. Completed paintings, artist in his studio, paintings in situ are just a few examples of posts that keep followers interested.


Ronald Hunter
Ronald Hunter


Work in progress

One of the best things about having an Instagram profile for artists is the ability to show your work in progress.

Many art lovers are interested in the entire creative process as well as the finished product, so with Instagram, you can post real-time updates on your work or even create videos on a regular basis so that your followers can see your creative skills in action.

Some have even created time-lapse videos that show the process from start to finish and are very well received by other Instagram users.

Our artist Soos Roxana Gabriela makes to most of her Instagram profile, posting WIP photos, videos, artwork in her studio and close-up photos of her textured and colourful art.


Soos Roxana Gabriela
Soos Roxana Gabriela


A digital storefront

Many artists use Instagram as a digital storefront for them to promote any pieces of work they have for sale.

Not only is Instagram more cost-effective and easy to maintain than a website, but it’s also a great way to engage and connect with potential fans and buyers as you are able to respond to comments and queries instantly.

What better way to keep in touch with your fans than an Instagram page where you can showcase your work, offer an insight into your studio, share your creative process with others through stories and stay in touch with like-minded people.