Autumn Palette
A Mesmerising Piece by Yulia Allan

Getting people to view your artwork can be a daunting and frustrating task. People are swamped by artwork from numerous artists, which makes it difficult to make your work stand out. However with the following ingenious tips you can promote your creations and attract a wider audience.

Start blogging about your artwork

Snowy Lane
An Enticing Artwork By Elizabeth Williams

In today’s world, people are blogging about everything from food, makeup, fashion etc. Blogging is one of the most important online mediums through which people make express their passion about a particular field and their views on certain items. So why not utilise this powerful channel to share your passion about art. People are online throughout the day be it office or home. If they are interested in buying a particular artwork, the first thing they do is search for any blogs that recommend the work of certain artists. So every time you create a new piece of art, start blogging about it immediately to grab people’s attention. Inform people about upcoming events and exhibitions where your artwork will be showcased. However make sure that your blogs are interactive, creative and informative. Highlight your style and technique of artwork in your blog as the main objective is to promote your artwork.

Share the link

The Two Of Us
An Alluring Art Piece By Ashlie Urquhart

Make your artwork easily accessible to people. People do not want to read a long blog about your paintings with no link at the end where they can view those paintings. So ensure that the link to your website or Facebook page is present at the end of the blog. You can also share links to other artist’s websites or paintings who are your inspiration. This can be counter-intuitive however it will project a positive image about you as people will perceive you as an art lover. By doing this, you will be able to win the admiration of people which could lead significant followers and subscriptions.

Art Competitions

Can I Have An Ice Cream
A Painting By Denise Mitchell

Art competitions are a great way of networking and publicising your artwork. You will be able to reach out to artists around the world and gain exposure. Making contacts with artists from different regions will allow you to showcase your work through them if they are willing to hold art exhibitions in their country. Apart from this, entering these art competition every week or month means more and more people can view your paintings.

Get Your Work Recommended by Friends

An Artwork By Lorna Dredger

Word of mouth is a modern phenomenon in marketing. Nowadays people rely a lot on opinion of their peers and family before purchasing any item. So target the people closest to you like your friends, family, relatives and colleagues who can recommend your work to other people. This is a smart way of promoting your artwork for free.

Comment on other Artist’s Work

Billy Big Balls
An Art Piece By Ashlie Urquhart

There is no harm in leaving a comment of admiration on other artist’s work who you appreciate. A simple comment like “Great Job” or “Nice work” will allow you establish amiable relationship with artists who are already established and popular. That artist might just have a look at your work and share it allowing you to promote your artwork through prominent artists.