Did you always know that you would be an artist?

I’ve always wanted to be involved with art. There was a time when I was not sure whether it should be applied arts or fine arts, but now I know exactly what I want to do namely, the fine arts.

Where did your involvement in art stem from?

I graduated from university with a degree in “Engineering Design.” After the I got married and gave birth to my daughter, because I had to stop work for some time, I started painting more seriously and exhibiting my art in various galleries. That’s when painting became my permanent job.


Original artwork by Art2Arts Artist Maia Nikolov

Where do you get your inspirations from?

I draw inspiration from different places. Sometimes from nature, from music or just an element or form impresses me and in my imagination a whole picture is formed from it.

And that is why I have pictures with so many different themes.

What artists past and present are you influenced by or inspired by?

I draw my inspiration from many artists, some of which are quite known, while others not yet. And sometimes I even get inspiration from my daughters little drawings. That is why I don’t mention specific names.


Stunning painting by artist Maia Nikolov

How do you start a painting?

Well, let’s say that much depends on what it is that I will be painting. For example if it is landscapes then I can be quite spontaneous. Whereas with portraits I like to sketch them first.

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