Art and music are often talked about in connection with one another. Though they are different in many ways, they are both forms of art used to portray an emotion and create a reaction from their specific audiences. This naturally creates links between the two.


What Are The Main Links Between Art and Music?

There are a number of different links between art and music and these can be seen regardless of the type of art and music that’s being discussed or enjoyed.

Response to Culture and Society: Both art and music can be created as a response to what’s happening in culture and society at any given time. For example, musicians may write lyrics as a direct response to something that has happened in the news while artists can depict an event by painting it; this link can be seen throughout history. As culture and society changes, so does the art and music being produced.


Artwork by Elena Kourenkova

Trends and Movements: As with all forms of artistic expression, art and music are both subject to trends and movements. These come and go over time, but within the realm of all art forms there’s a constant evolution of what is and is not popular. Whereas art has seen movements such as abstract expressionism and pop art rise to the fore at different times in history, music too has seen trends such as 70s punk rock and 90s girl power come and go. Both art and music evolve over time to meet the wants, needs and feelings of their audiences.


Artwork by Robert Andler-Lipski

Liked and Disliked: Art and music are both open to interpretation and what one person likes, another may not. In fact, a popular painting or hit song may be disliked by a number of people. Both art and music are created with a specific audience in mind and this often means that even those that prove to be successful are not free from criticism.

Inspire and Evoke Emotion: Whether it’s a painting, performance art, a rap or a romantic power ballad, all forms of art and music are created in the hope that they will evoke emotion within the audience. This link is one that be found across all forms of art and music.

When looking at the close relationship existing between art and music, it’s easy to see that these two forms of expression are intrinsically linked culturally and historically. Though they are different in the way they are created and consumed, they often express similar ideas and respond to similar events and public sentiment.