Yellow Tulips by Cinzia Mancini

The average new-build home in the UK is getting smaller and smaller, with square feet being at a real premium in cities and popular urban areas such as London. Therefore, it’s not surprising that art lovers are looking for ways to display art in tight or awkward spaces in order to make the most of any available wall surfaces.

Here are a few tips for buying and displaying art for awkward spaces.


Try out some non-standard shapes for size

If you love a good art sale, you might find some more original pieces that could be cut to fit an oval picture frame or similar. Although you wouldn’t be willing to risk this on expensive or favourite pieces of art, it’s a good way of experimenting with the cheaper pieces in your collection as oval or round picture frames are a great way of displaying smaller watercolours or pastels in unusually sized or awkward spaces.


Think outside the box

Who says that art needs to be displayed on perfectly vertical walls? Many people who wish to make the most of their stairs are now using slanted surfaces to display pieces that suit their individual sense of style and home décor tastes thanks to innovations in wall hanging accessories.

Not only does this give a whole new angle to the artwork you choose to display, but it can help you find a place for a larger piece if space is tight.


Create your own montage of pieces

You don’t need to have a lot of wall space to create an interesting montage of pieces, so be daring with smaller artworks in your collection and create your own mini art gallery to suit an awkward space.

From the standard square position with four pieces of a similar size, you can also try small vertical pieces in alignment in between door frame as a quirky and unusual use of space.

Copper Trio by Lisa Vallo
Copper Trio by Lisa Vallo


Keep your artwork safe

One thing that you’ll need to remember when experimenting with displaying artwork in awkward or small spaces as that you’ll want to protect your beloved collection from damage.

Whether this could be from visitors or family members accidentally brushing against the canvas and damaging the surface, direct sunlight or even humidity if a water source is located nearby in a bathroom, WC or even a kitchen, you do need to be mindful that your art can be damaged in such conditions so think carefully about whether you’re willing to run that risk before you hang them.