Midnight Under The Moon by Jennifer Taylor

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

I love to paint predominantly from imagination, mixed in with memories of exploring the forests near to where I grew up. I love to paint and capture moonlight in particular, and with this painting, it was the intention to create a ‘dreamlike’ feel.


WIP Midnight Under The Moon by Jennifer Taylor
WIP Midnight Under The Moon by Jennifer Taylor

What is the creative process when creating your floral paintings?

With these pieces, I love to capture the delicate nature of petals and flowers, including the delicate textures that they have. Quite often I will take a flower reference photo I have taken and mix it in with an imaginary background. In this piece, this was the case. With the poppies in this piece, I wanted them to look quite realistic, yet against a dreamy background filled with light. Making them ‘pop’ as the main focal point. To add balance and interest the other flowers were created with texture pastes, to add a lovely contrast and sense of distance between the background and foreground. This is the case with all my floral work, I love the foreground to have textures to varying degrees. Colour is also an important aspect, I’ll usually pick a colour pairing to work with. In this case pink and blue, with greens.

Have you always painted in this style?

My style has emerged over a number of years, but I have always been drawn to flowers. As any artist will know you grow and expand as you travel through your career. I have always loved to mix reality with imagination. So have always kept the flowers and trees I paint more detailed, with, like I mentioned before, perhaps more abstract, light background. I always feel it adds a lovely contrast to the work.


“Midnight Under the Moon” has now sold, please visit Jennifer’s gallery for more similar artworks or to commission a piece like this one.

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