Standing Strong by Wanida Mchugh

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

I love traveling and this is when I was in Dorset, walking up west hill toward Corfe Castle. I saw this tree on the hill and it caught my eyes because it gave me the feeling that for one moment it was alive as all the branches moved to one side as if the tree stood against the blowing wind for a long time. Then my imagination made me think that “If this tree was a woman, she would be a strong lady and it wouldn’t matter how hard the wind blows or how hard life can be, she would be standing there still because she would know how to go with the wind”.

I like painting images of trees and landscapes and I love to capture them at the right time. Then, I put them onto the canvas in my own style and this is my favourite part.


Standing Strong by Wanida Mchugh
WIP – Standing Strong by Wanida Mchugh

What is the creative process when creating your landscape painting?

I am building up layer by layer; it is a technique that I like to call ‘dap and rub’ which make the artwork look rough! I like my painting to have a feeling of movement in it. I am doing a little twig to create texture but not too obvious for the viewer. Creating some texture would allow the viewer to use their imagination while making them enjoying to look at the artwork. In this painting, “Standing Strong”, the texture allows the viewer to see the grass moving but the tree does not look like a normal tree, it looks a little bit messy and this is because I wanted the viewer to use their own imagination in order to enjoy the artwork.

How long would this work taking you?

About a month because I kept adding layers after layers until I was satisfied with the result and I was happy to say ‘now it’s finished!’

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