Abstract Woods by Alice P Jenkins
Abstract Woods by Alice P Jenkins


When the title of an artwork contains the word “abstract”, we are instantly intrigued and we want to find out more.

But when the title contains another word which is an indication of what the artwork is all about, this makes us look even closer at the painting and discover the creative process behind the artwork.

The word “abstract” means “removed from reality” and when we look at Abstract Woods by Alice P Jenkins we discover the essence of the forest depicted from the artist’s imagination. Everything is possible in this universe: trees with blue trunks, red sky and blue leaves.

Fascinated by nature with a keen interest in animals as well as people, Alice P Jenkins is a prolific artist who wants to share her passion for painting with the viewers.

In her own words: “The great outdoors beckons me and the enjoyment of sitting and looking at her beauty never depreciates; this is my excuse for picking up the brush and paint”.

We can definitely see this passion and enjoyment in Abstract Woods and if we were to describe the artwork in three words those would be: mysterious, fascinating and quirky. Do you agree?


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