Butterfly Turquoise Meadow by Linda Tennant
Butterfly Turquoise Meadow by Linda Tennant


What are the first thoughts that cross your mind when you see butterflies? For us, these are freedom, delicacy and pure beauty. How about a painting featuring butterflies? Doesn’t that make you feel pretty much the same?

Butterfly Turquoise Meadow by Linda Tennant, our artwork of the week, is the kind of painting that catches the viewer’s eye from the first glimpse, inviting them to explore more.

Created in acrylic on canvas in shades of turquoise, it features butterflies flying over a meadow until they reach the sky that mirrors in the turquoise sea.

The butterflies are depicted delicately and in detail, while the meadow is suggested through the splashing technique. Looking at Linda Tennant’s gallery, we can see that her favourite subjects are: meadows and seascapes, but she enjoys painting abstract artworks too.

“My artistic journey began when I joined a small informal art class. Upon discovering that people enjoyed my work, I began to sell and exhibit in my local area and in 2003 I opened my own studio and gallery in the West Midlands. I paint in watercolour, acrylic and oils. The wide range of subject matter I take inspiration from, include landscape, animals, flowers and architecture”, says the artist.