Happy Place by Irina Rumyantseva
Happy Place by Irina Rumyantseva


When you look at Irina Rumyantseva’s paintings you feel like you are in a happy place and the latest painting created by this popular artist titled “Happy Place” stays true to its title.

Known for her quirky cow paintings in her unique style but also for cityscapes and floral art, Irina Rumyantseva uses acrylics and watercolour to create happy and colourful paintings that gain more and more interest with keen collectors. “The subjects I choose completely depend on the experiences I have had recently and how I feel at that particular moment.”

Created in shades of greens, from light and soft to darker nuances, with splashes of pink, red, orange and black for defining the shapes, Irina’s painting depicts a beautiful garden or meadow that could belong to both the inner and outer world.

The artist’s craftsmanship can be seen not only through the colour combination but through the technique too. We see visual and tactile texture, movement and dynamism with horizontal stripes – flowers stems – that give the artwork a calming appearance, we see rhythm and repetition, balance and harmony to create the final image which seems based on both visual and mental sources.

This happy place could be the garden we always wanted in front of our house; the garden from our dreams when we mentally transport to another world; the garden that we can take home with us and keep it forever.