Home For Dinner by Rod Buckingham
Home For Dinner by Rod Buckingham

It is always nice to look at a painting that tells a story. There is a setting, some characters and a moment in time in our Artwork of the Week titled Home for Dinner by Rod Buckingham.

The setting is a harbour that could be anywhere by the sea, the characters are a couple, a fisherman and his lady, and the moment in time, as the title suggests, is just before dinner.

The artwork is beautiful and relatable and it offers many familiar elements, not just the seascape and British architecture but some lifestyle touches as well. Created in acrylic on canvas, the artwork is cheerful.

Both the foreground and background elements offer the viewers enough features to keep them interested. For example, the lighthouse in the distance, the sunset skies, the flock of birds and the ladyā€™s blue dress with white flowers ā€“ it seems like the more you look, the more you discover.

Known for his humorous street scenes, Rod Buckingham is also painting landscapes and seascapes in his own distinctive style. His artworks are very popular with collectors and they always put a smile on the viewersā€™ face.