Lava Landscape by CK Wood
Lava Landscape by CK Wood


The aim of every artist is to have their own recognisable style so when art admirers and collectors look at their artworks, they will know in an instant who had painted them. Some artists have a favourite subject, such as sunsets or interiors, which they paint again and again from different perspectives and in various colour combinations. Other artists have mastered a certain technique and over time, it becomes their own no matter the subject they choose to paint.

When we look at CK Wood’s gallery, we can see exactly what her distinctive mark is: flower silhouettes and textured grass against various reappearances of the sky: red poppies and green grass against blue skies; beige flowers and grass against a pale blue sky; gold grass and flowers against an amethyst purple sunset.

The latest addition to her gallery and our chosen ‘Artwork of the Week’ is ‘Lava Landscape’, featuring, as the artist describes it, “silhouette flowers and gold grasses against a vibrant red sunset”. The red and gold colour combination and the textures in the grass are striking, with the shadowed flowers completing the image.

“’I find my inspiration in the natural beauty of my surrounding landscape – from the vibrancy of a flower in bloom to the gentle haze of a setting sun, I try to capture the atmosphere in my paintings”, the artist concludes.


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