My Chauffeur by Rod Buckingham
My Chauffeur by Rod Buckingham

“Good old dad, running this little lady around the town in the pouring rain. Those two schoolboys seem to be getting into trouble, splashing water everywhere.” This is how Rod Buckingham describes his artwork My Chauffeur and, along with the image itself, this is what inspired us to select this painting as ‘The Artwork of the Week’.

My Chauffeur is a quintessentially British painting, depicting a busy street on a rainy day when everybody is rushing to go to school, work or to whatever businesses they might have. When we say ‘quintessentially British’, we are referring to all the elements that make up the painting and that are easily recognisable by anyone who lives on the isles: the rain, people with umbrellas and the buildings.

Street scenes are the artist’s most favourite subjects to paint, often with a comical side. So what is the humorous aspect in My Chauffeur painting? The dad who has to be the bicycle driver for his daughter for the day? The two boys playing in the water? The street’s and the shop’s names?

Rod Buckingham is a prolific and popular artist with over 500 paintings sold to date. His artworks are little stories meant to put a smile on people’s faces. Do you agree?


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