Saturday Night by Marcin Kulabko


Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

The inspiration to create rarely comes to me from the outside. This piece, like most of my other pieces, is the fruit of my imagination and of what is happening in my mind.

‘Saturday night’ is a part of a rare series, where a female character is the main one. Optimism was the vital force, which along with geometry, strong colours and playing an optical game, searching for small background moments and characters, should hopefully bend the imagination and leave you thinking for a while.


Saturday Night by Marcin Kulabko
Saturday Night by Marcin Kulabko


What is the creative process when creating your surreal paintings?

I start drawing the face of the main character first. If I’m happy with it, I continue with the remaining elements of the picture: first the contours, then shading, which can be quite time-consuming, and colouring- if any- at the end. By the time I’m halfway through the drawing process, I usually have some new ideas for my next drawings- and these ideas partially contribute to what’s later becoming background and secondary characters.


Have you always created in this style?

I use to do a lot of oil paintings. About 20 years ago, because of a very down-to-earth reason – namely, no place where I could use oil-based paints, I decided to use different kinds of tools. I had around me some pens, pencils and markers with various tip shapes. Using them I made the first few art pieces. Over years, this became my signature style. I love the challenge of operating within greyscale by using shading techniques. As for the subject, it was always people’s faces that attracted me, I like to make them a centre-piece of my drawing.


WIP - Artist Marcin Kulabko
WIP – Artist Marcin Kulabko
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