Seduction by Fiona Scheibl
Seduction by Fiona Scheibl


Fascinated by peony flowers and their metamorphosis from bloom to decay, Fiona Scheibl creates diaphanous semi-abstract still life paintings in oil.

For the artist, each stage of a flower’s life has its own attractiveness, especially the semi-transparent hypostasis of the final stage: “for me flowers become more beautiful as their petals become translucent in death – leaving a shroud of richly hued stems and petals all at once intense and fragile”.

Created in oil on linen, the artwork appears mysterious and seductive (as the title suggests) and the more you look, the more you are drawn towards the image that imprints onto your retina and fills your senses with pure beauty.

Rather than depicting the flowers as they are, Fiona Scheibl captures their essence, immortalising them in a piece of artwork before they are gone forever. The translucent colours and the precarious shapes capture both their glamour and their fragility.

Flowers offer artists infinite possibilities for studying their shapes, colours and the essence of their beauty, offering viewers many facets of either the same or various flowers, again and again. This is exactly what Fiona Scheibl does with peonies, including in this contemporary still life artwork that is emblematic for the artist’s subject and style.