Spring Blossom by Kalpana Soanes
Spring Blossom by Kalpana Soanes


Spring is just around the corner and despite the cold weather, we have started seeing its first signs in the form of snowdrops and daffodil leaves and we can’t wait for the trees to blossom.

Spring is associated with re-birth, optimism and growth. Blossoms have always been depicted for their symbolism in visual arts as well as in literature.

For this week, we have chosen Spring Blossom by Kalpana Soanes as ‘Artwork of the Week’, a beautiful floral piece, described by the artist herself as “full of joy, full of hope”. We couldn’t agree more.

Created in acrylic and oil on canvas, Spring Blossom is a contemporary artwork depicting spring flowers in shades of pink, cream and white against a dark blue background, making the flowers stand out. While the two flowers in bloom represent joy, the five flower buds represent hope.

As the background looks like a starry night, we can assume that the flowers are illuminated by the moon. We can spot some yellow sparkles within the petals as if the moon sprinkled its magic upon the blossoms.

If we look at Kalpana Soanes’ gallery, we notice that flowers are predominant in her paintings, offering viewers a wide variety to admire: poppies, summer flowers and spring blossoms.