St. George's island, Venice by Roberto Ponte
St. George’s island, Venice by Roberto Ponte

Contemporary mixed media artist Roberto Ponte is inspired by architectural panoramas and buildings in the environment around him. Working in watercolour, ink, pastel, charcoal, and other drawing media, his unique illustrative style conveyed in paint captures the scenes with a unique vitality. This is also the case with our artwork of the week St. George’s Island, Venice, a beautiful cityscape, capturing the uniqueness of the place in watercolour and ink in the artist’s distinctive style.

Cityscapes are always beautiful to watch and beautiful to create as they remind both the artist and the viewer of various places they’ve been to or they would like to visit one day. Whether it is created from memory, from a photograph or en plein air, the challenge for the artist is to capture the essence of the place therefore choosing the right colours and technique is paramount.

For the viewer the challenge is to recognize the place and to appreciate the artist’s input and style, inviting the viewer to want to find out more: where in Venice is St. George’s Island? What does St. Mark’s square look like in real life? What do the buildings captured in the painting represent?

We can only find out by researching, by visiting or by imagining while admiring the artist’s painting. Enjoy!

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