There is something about this “relaxing acrylic painting of a flotilla of sailing boats, bobbing about in the gentle waves” that caught our eyes so we immediately wanted to learn more about this artwork. The fractured appearance makes it look abstract and modern yet you can still guess the subject and it still offers the viewers some kind of familiarity.  The colours are in harmony and the subject is rather appealing. The boats by Tiffany Budd is our artwork of the week and we talked to Tiffany about her inspiration and creative process.

The Boats by Tiffany Budd
The Boats by Tiffany Budd

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

At the beginning of Lockdown 1 back in March, I decided to take on a challenge of doing a Daily Covid 19 Sketchbook diary. I would endeavour to do a drawing or painting every day in my little sketchbook, to keep my imagination going whilst helping with homeschooling! It was a really enjoyable thing to do (sketching, not the homeschooling!) Ideas would pop out and they would go down in the book, safe in the knowledge I would have a reference book to go to when I was back in the studio.

What is the creative process when creating your colourful fractured art? Can you tell us more about your unique fractured style?

On Day 18, I drew a sketch based on boats, using my Fractured style. Fracturing is something I created after seeing an exhibition of the Russian Constructivists. They would create paintings using amazing movement, tight lines and shading. It really resonated with me, as I do work tightly. On my way home I did my first sketch, inspired by them. I named it Fractured as it looked like glass had shattered and was then put back together again. I like to try and make the image move, enhancing direction and perspective. It’s almost abstract, but you can still see what it is.
The Boats was sketched initially, with lines coming off the boats and waves.

How long would this work have taken you?

Once back in the studio, as the children had gone back to school, I translated my sketch onto a chunky canvas using acrylic paint. Fracturing takes time. Each piece takes a few weeks to complete as I need to get the shading and detail right, to make everything flow. I can fiddle about with the lines a lot, and it needs to just settle when looking at it.