The Pianist by Kinga Sokol

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

All my paintings are inspired by people- I love painting people. When you look at my artworks, you will observe people caught in a moment. Some dance, some play an instrument, or simply sit and look out of the window. There is always some type of a story involved, some type of movement. In “The Pianist”, I wanted to show a man, an artist in a moment of creative flow, focus, and state of bliss while doing something that he loves.  A guy who is in his own element. We all have moments like this when we do what we love.

What is the creative process when creating your figurative paintings?

It starts with a vision of what it is going to be and what is it going to look like when it’s finished. This vision follows me everywhere I go. When I wake up, when I go to bed, I probably dream about it too (don’t remember my dreams)….until the painting is done.
I don’t have a rigid method in my work. It’s more like going with the flow mode-more intuitive than logical. I am self-taught so I have never been taught the method. I’ve discovered and still discovering it myself by learning and experimenting. There is always something new I learn, with each and every painting I work on.
I observe other artists too, learn from them as well; I am a keen learner:)

Have you always painted in this style?

When I started painting in oil a few years ago, I wasn’t sure which direction to take. What did I want to paint? All I knew was that I wanted to paint, and I wanted to paint realistically.
I wasn’t interested in any other styles. So I have started painting seascapes. I love the sea so I thought it would be a great idea. After painting few seascapes I felt like it’s not for me- no fireworks. The spark came back with painting my first portrait. It didn’t look great, but I felt great by doing it. That was the moment I knew what direction I am going to go.
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