The Place I Remember by Robert Andler-Lipski

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

Mixed media collage on panel, “The Place I Remember”, among a few another similar artworks, was created in autumn 2015 when I worked on the series of stochastic abstracts. The true inspiration for this artwork came from my memories about my childhood place: picturesque mountain town called Rabka Zdroj located in Gorce Mountains, South of Poland, where I grew up.
When I worked on “The Place I Remember”, I tried to present and introduce my deeply moving memories in my very own stochastic manner. Philosophical term of Stochastism is – in other words – some sort of randomness, which is related not just to our current or present actions, but also affects how much we are able to recall from our own memories, our own story and our own personality shaped randomly. In this artwork, I tried to present some intricate emotions rather than any real place.

What is the creative process when creating your collage / mixed media paintings?

In my artistic work, I focus on the subtle and sophisticated poetry of my very own internal, emotional world. The whole artistic process is detailed and complex. I blend the simplicity of figurative subjects, also some abstract forms, with stochastic chaos related to my individual form of expression. I continuously search for some kind of specific artistic harmony, not in the artistic process, but in every piece of art I create.
I found out that my artistic work is described as “neo-fauvistic” and idiosyncratic (especially these ones mixed media and collages based on new media collagraphy). There are individual stories along with elusive emotions and philosophy behind every artwork I created. In the whole process, I have a peculiar tendency to mix together adversities and this leads me to put all those artistic setups, airy playing with mediums and textures to the foreground. I’m experimenting with different materials, different textures and, what is more important, I blend together different forms and ways of creation.

How long would this work have taken you?

I worked on “The Place I Remember” just half a day and one night in a row. Precisely. I finished and varnished work at 5 am. next morning, then I made a cup of coffee. It was completed.
I have to admit that at that point it wasn’t some kind of artistic process as such, full of complexity like usually is. It was an impulse and urgent action. I have been pushed from within. My purpose was to make seriously and truly stochastic, emotionally charged collage, without any previous plans or any sketches. Just emotions and pure energy. I believe that I did it well.
“The Place I Remember” is exceptionally personal artwork. Currently is included in my private art collection, however, the artwork is still available for sale.