The Sparrow's Garden - A Sussex Landscape by Gill Bustamante
The Sparrow’s Garden – A Sussex Landscape by Gill Bustamante


Created in oil on canvas by artist of the month Gill Bustamante, The Sparrow’s Garden – A Sussex landscape has a suggestive title, establishing a place and a theme.

A garden in Sussex is the sparrow’s home and we can see it straight away when looking at the painting.  Furthermore, the artwork is a landscape created in an expressionist impressionist style, capturing a corner of Sussex where Gill Bustamante lives.

The artist is not too preoccupied with details but she captures the essential elements from trees and leaves to the sun’s light shining through the branches.  The predominant colours are pink and green but we also see various shades of yellow and blue.

“My goal is to create beautiful paintings that uplift and make people happy and help other people do the same” says the artist and we think that she achieved her goal.

Although there is so much going on in her painting, the artwork is not “busy” as such, but the eyes have enough time to rest on the less detailed areas before returning to the leaf veins, curved stems and tree trunks and branches then to the sparrow itself, the main creature in the painting that inspired the title too.

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