Timeless by Rumen Dragiev
Timeless by Rumen Dragiev


“I love painting with oils and painting-knife. Techniques include big strokes created with palette knives and extreme texture with heavy paints. My art is spontaneous, original, and very optimistic and this can be seen in all my creative artwork”, this is how Rumen Dragiev describes his painting technique.

And this is exactly what we like about ‘Timeless’, our artwork of the week: the textures created using the palette knife, the vibrancy of the colours given by the oils and the classic composition which is, like the title says, timeless.

Rumen Dragiev uses a vivid and vibrant palette for his landscapes, still life pieces, cityscapes and floral artworks and the combination of oil paints and the palette knife technique are unique to the artist, offering viewers well executed and aesthetically pleasing artworks, which are highly collectable.

A vase with red and white flowers (poppies and daisies perhaps), a glass of wine and a cup of coffee or tea make the composition. The artist captured beautifully the light and dark contrast, the texture of the flowers and the static element given by the objects captured on the canvas.

“My creativity is based on my personal worldview (… ), taking inspiration from both the world outside and the images in my mind”, concludes the artist.

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