Seven Worlds Will Collide’ is inspired by Neil Finn’s beautiful love song ‘Distant Sun’ (Crowded House) and long walks in nature with my partner who I’ve dedicated this piece to. It’s said the song was written about the seven chakra’s becoming as one – an immense feeling.


Seven1  Seven2   Seven Worlds Will Collide 


I’ve been searching for a palette that I’m content with for over a year now, and I’ve tried to use my favourite shades and hues here. Much care was taken in the positioning of each colour so that they ‘sat’ comfortably next to each other and were most appealing to the eye. It was quite a struggle to keep my least favourite colour pink out of this piece! I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to feature bees in my work for the first time as I always like to play about with perspective and add a close up in the foreground to give my work an edge.

Neil has said that the reference to the chakra’s wasn’t intentional…or was it?

‘I don’t pretend to know what you want, but I offer love…

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