Orange flamingos. Foggy morning by Olga Koval
Orange flamingos. Foggy morning by Olga Koval
Orange flamingos. Foggy morning by Olga Koval

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re all seeking that special gift that shows our loved ones just how much we appreciate them.

Rejecting the standard perfumes, gift sets and usual Christmas trappings, presenting someone with a piece of art that you’ve chosen especially for them shows that you’ve put real thought and effort into their gift and know them well enough to choose a piece that they’ll be excited about hanging on their walls.

If you’re thinking of buying art online to gift to a special friend, partner or family member, here are some tips on how to find and choose the best artwork, so they have something truly special to unwrap on Christmas day.

Snoop around their home

Before launching headfirst into an online search for the best artwork to give as a gift this Christmas, you’ll need to get an idea of the styles they’d like and also how any piece of art might work with their current home décor.

The best way to do this is to take an objective look around their home with fresh eyes. Is their home décor more traditional or contemporary? Also, take a look for spaces where it might be suitable to hang a piece of art and try and guestimate the size of the space as this will help you select the right piece later on.

If there’s already artwork dotted around the house, ask your friend or family member about them. Try and discover what it is about these particular pieces that led them to make the purchase and why they like them as this will give you a good idea of the types of styles they prefer.

Black Horse by Ira Whittaker
Black Horse by Ira Whittaker

Choose your subject carefully

Once you’ve had a bit of snoop around their home, you can start to get an idea on styles that would be most suitable as a gift. The next stage is to choose a subject; perhaps your loved one is a fan of rolling landscapes, lifelike animal portraits or stark impressionist pieces.

Using this information and drawing on your experience of that person, you can start to seek out important locations that may mean something to them, portraits of a particular species of animal or a subject that is truly personal.

Bedhead on a Rainy Day by Jim Carpenter
Bedhead on a Rainy Day by Jim Carpenter

Think about budget

As much as we’d love to spoil our loved ones with a piece from a world-famous artist, unfortunately, many of our bank balances may not quite stretch to tens of thousands of pounds. However, there are many up and coming new artists who have crafted beautiful pieces of art that carry a far more reasonable price tag.

Ira Whittaker

Including still life, oil canvases featuring stunning animal portraits and snapshots of loving couples, Ira’s work captures special moments and emotions perfectly on canvas.

Jim Carpenter

Working from his studio in Buckinghamshire, Jim’s realistic work ranges from wildlife to children and evokes memories of childhood and captures the very essence of his animal subjects.

Guy Pickford

Specialising in colourful and contemporary nature scenes, Guy’s work transforms traditional landscapes into spectacular vistas ideal for nature lovers looking for a contemporary feel.

Not only do these artists offer some perfect pieces that make ideal Christmas gifts, but they are also investments for the future as these artists are sure to gain in popularity over the coming years.

Moored by Guy Pickford
Moored by Guy Pickford


Get personal

If your search for an ideal piece to give as a gift this Christmas is coming up short, there is one more option to consider. Many of the artists working with Art2Arts offer a commission service where you can select the size, style, subject and even provide some inspirations on colours to use to allow them to create a truly personal piece for your loved one.

Handing over a gift that you’ve had specially commissioned on their behalf is a wonderful way of showing someone just how much you care and makes for a thoughtful and precious gift that they are sure to treasure for many years to come.

Getting started choosing an artist for your commissioned piece couldn’t be easier, simply browse our website and take a look at the array of artists we work in partnership with to get an idea of their subject strengths and individual style.

Next, send us your ideas, examples, sizes, colours, subjects – as much information as you can. We will then discuss your requirements with the artist. There is no obligation at this stage.

Once all the details are confirmed, and both you and the artist are completely happy, we will set up a 50% non-refundable deposit to cover costs.

Once completed, a photo will be emailed to you for approval. On approval and payment of the remaining 50%, a delivery time will be confirmed. As with every order, we will follow up once delivery has been made to ensure that you are completely happy with your commission.

But with Christmas fast approaching, it’s essential that you get in touch today to ensure that your chosen artist is able to deliver your commissioned piece in time for the festive period. Click here to find out more and let us help you create that perfect gift for a loved on this year.

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