We are surrounded by colour in everyday life from the beautiful nature with its gardens, wild flowers and sunsets to the dress habits with colourful outfits, shoes and accessories. Some of us adopt colour more readily than others and this can be seen not just in the way we dress but in how we decorate our homes too.

If our wardrobe contains both colourful and neutral outfits that we can use depending on where we’re going and how we’re feeling on a particular day, when it comes to interior design, for the majority of us, neutral colours are the safest bet. Not because we don’t want an infusion of colour in our living room or bedroom, but our tastes might change through the years and if we decorate our bedroom in red, in a couple of years we might want to change it.

Instead of painting your walls in turquoise, green or yellow just to get back to magnolia three years later, why not buy an original painting as a focal point in any of your rooms? You can still choose neutral shades for the background and add colour with decorative items like pottery, vases, picture frames and art.

At the Art2Arts gallery we have a wide range of colourful paintings by both established and emerging artists, from landscapes and floral art to abstract and naive paintings. They are suitable for any room in your home – living room, bedroom, working space, kitchen and bathroom – as well as for office premises, B&Bs and hotels.

Colourful Landscapes by Gillian Mowbray

Hillside Autumn by Gillian Mawbray
Hillside Autumn by Gillian Mawbray

Gillian Mowbray’s colourful landscapes are inspired by rural Mid-Wales where the artist lives.  Created mainly in acrylic, her paintings are popular with collectors from the USA, Australia and Europe. Her colourful paintings are great for any interior, traditional or modern, adding a touch of colour and personality to your home décor.  The main elements in her paintings are trees, houses and flowers but she also creates fun still life paintings with cherry muffins and teapots.

Colourful Still Life Paintings by Sheila Alexander

Springtime by Sheila Alexander
Springtime by Sheila Alexander

Yellow, green and blue vases with daffodils, roses and sunflowers – there are just a few colourful still life paintings signed by our resident artists Sheila Alexander. Created in acrylic on canvas, they are perfect to brighten up your space with vibrant colours. A painting featuring a vase with flowers is a permanent alternative to living flowers that will go off in no time. Depending on what the predominant palette is in your room, you can choose either warm or cool coloured paintings like The Picasso Vase or Still Life with White Roses.

Colourful Naive Paintings by Casimira Mostyn

Casimira Mostyn
Quirky cats on the tree of life in a sparkly sky by Casimira Mostyn

Casimira Mostyn’s naive paintings are colourful and happy. Featuring hares, trees, fairies and people in her unique style, such paintings are perfect not just for children’s rooms as we might be inclined to think, but for any room for an instant infusion of colour and a touch of quirkiness.  A naive painting will appeal to our playful side and we can move it from room to room if we change the style of the interior throughout the years.

Colourful Cityscapes by Stewart Wilson

She will fly by Stewart Wilson
She will fly by Stewart Wilson

Stewart Wilson colourful cityscapes have a unique style and a modern look. Created in oil on canvas, they have a sculptural finish given by the artist’s technique of painting with his fingers and palette knives. His paintings will complement a contemporary style interior with their fresh look.


A colourful painting is uplifting, having a positive effect on our mood. If you like spending time in your home, an infusion of colour could be the missing element from creating a cosy and harmonious space. It will brighten up your days while giving your home a stylish and elegant look.