Art2Arts is excited to announce that long time contributor Michael McEvoy has recently received a ‘Highly Commended’ from the EAC Art Awards for his painting House Sparrow.

The EAC Art Awards are run by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel, a national charity that helps older people make informed decisions about their housing and care needs. The charity have been running their Over 60’s art award for almost 20 years now and have seen over 28,000 amateur artists between 60-104 battle it out to be crowned winner in their specific category. The EAC believe that the Art Award for the over 60’s is important because, “ it demonstrates that talent, energy and enthusiasm, along with a continuing purpose in life, belong to those in later life as much as to the young.” We couldn’t agree more.

Michaels painting is currently exhibited at Long Eaton Town Hall as well as online at The painting itself follows Michaels usual style and subject matter by featuring a figurative portrait caught in a moment of imagination, real life experience or fond memory. In this case the tale of Janet, an unwell heroine whose life lead her to spend much of her time watching life pass and change from the window. One astute viewer described the piece as, “A super and strange painting.  Strong colours and pattern contrasting with the modern Alice in wonderland girl. I loved it.”

We too re huge fans of Michaels work and are excited that he has got so far in the competition this year. With a return rate of over 50% we are sure that Michael will continue to enter and thrive for many many years to come.

To find out more about Michael and to view his work visit: or to learn more about the EAC and its annual Art Awards visit: Who knows, one of you could be announced as a winner in 2014!