A Merry Dance by Janice Rogers

If you’ve spotted a piece of artwork that you simply have to have as part of your collection or would look just perfect adorning your walls at home or in the office,  finding ways to fund this new find can sometimes be a little tricky – especially if you didn’t expect to find the perfect piece so quickly.

With original pieces of art being truly one of a kind, many art lovers feel pressured to snap up their desired work before someone else with a keen eye for quality artwork comes along to beat them to the sale. Often, this means turning to high interest credit cards or dipping into the family holiday fund to finance the piece.

However, there is another option that not only keeps the credit card bill in check but can help you spread the payment amount over a set period without attracting any interest at all! The answer is finance for art.


What is finance for art?

As art lovers ourselves, we know that buying art can be an expensive hobby, especially if you have to pay for your latest piece up front. That’s why at Art2Arts we’ve created our 0% finance for art service which means that owning art is easier and more manageable than ever.

Through Arts Council England’s Own Art interest free loan scheme, we are able to offer 10 month’s interest-free credit on all art, making it easy and affordable to buy original, high-quality artwork.

You can purchase any artwork on the site, or commission an artist between £100 – £2500 and spread the cost over 10 monthly instalments. An easy example of this is the artwork costs £300, spread over 10 monthly payments of £30.

Jewel Flowers by CK Wood

We won’t ask for a deposit either, but if you would prefer to make an initial payment you can use the scheme as part payment and spread the remaining amount.

Here’s another simple example of how an initial deposit payment would work following on from the example above:

The artwork costs £300; you would like to pay £100 upfront and then spread the remaining £200 over 10 monthly payments of £20.

You can even pay the loan early, if you wish, with no additional fees and you can use the scheme to purchase multiple pieces in one order, as long as the total cost does not exceed £2500.


Who can apply to the scheme?

In order to be eligible for the loan scheme, applicants must be over 18 years of age, be a permanent UK resident and be either working over 16 hours a week (employed or self-employed) or be in receipt of a pension.

Other than that there really are no other criteria that need to be met, so owning a piece of art is accessible to everyone.

Special Shore by Kalpana Soanes


What do I need to do to apply for the scheme?

If you are thinking of applying for the art ownership loan scheme, then there are a few steps that you need to take to get the ball rolling.

1.    Browse our collection of high-quality, original art

Take your time as you browse through our collection of unique pieces of art and select the artwork that speaks to you. If you find an artist with a particular style that you’d like to commission, then this is possible too under the scheme.

Speak to the team at Art2Arts regarding commission pieces or just add the artwork to your cart on the website.

2.    The checkout

Next, go through the usual checkout process as you would when making any online purchase. When you come to payment details, select the ‘Own Art’ option. Once your order has been received, we will reserve your artwork until the application process has been completed.

3.    The application form

Once the order has been processed and your artwork has been set aside, we will send over a simple application form along with terms and conditions for you to read and sign electronically.

Once we have received your completed and signed application, we will process it and as soon as it has been approved, we will contact the artist who will arrange for your artwork to be packed and delivered to the address you have specified on your order.

4.    Enjoy!

Once you’ve taken delivery of your artwork, there’s little left to do than hang your new piece and enjoy! Payments of the agreed amount will be taken from the account specified at monthly intervals over a ten-month period, so you can spread the cost of your latest addition to your artwork collection without accruing any interest whatsoever!

To find out more about the Arts Council England’s Own Art interest free loan scheme to help you finance your next piece of art, click here.