Spring Flowers by Zoe Elizabeth Norman

Easter is by far one of the most vibrant holidays of the whole year, so you’ll want to celebrate casting off the dull and dark weather in favour of sunshine by getting your home ready for the season. Now, with the staying home measure, we not only want to make the most of our décor, but it could give us something to look forward to.

Here are a few tips on how to get your home ready for Easter and how art can help you welcome a fresh new look into your living space.


Spring clean

No Easter preparation would be complete without a good spring clean, so now is the perfect opportunity to take down any artwork that is currently adorning your walls and give it a good once over.

Using a dry, soft cloth, carefully wipe down the artwork to dislodge any built-up dust that may have accumulated over the months.

If you have an oil or acrylic piece that is looking a little less than its best, then a gentle wipe with warm, soapy water can help clean up even the dustiest of pieces. If you notice that there are areas of your art that have become heavily soiled for whatever reason, it’s a good idea to seek out a professional artwork cleaning advice rather than using any harsh household chemicals.


Swap out your art

Bring a little extra colour into your interior space by swapping out any artwork that you’ve had on your walls for a while with some springtime themed pieces that use brighter colours or topics such as animals and birds available in our online store.

Not only do these natural themes bring in plenty of extra colours, but they also evoke feelings of regeneration and rebirth that are synonymous with the Easter celebrations.


Create an Easter tree

If your Christmas tree is still languishing in the loft, why not keep the little ones entertained and introduce them to a world of arts and crafts by creating your own Easter tree?

Using card, foam egg shapes or pieces of pre-cut wood and a little ribbon, you can create Easter inspired tree decorations in a multitude of bright springtime colours that will make your home a welcoming space for visitors.

Not only will this keep the children out of trouble while you get on with spring cleaning or rearranging your artwork ready for the warmer weather, but it will also add an extra pop of colour to help get the Easter celebrations started.