The festive season is upon us, and while it may be a little different this Christmas, we can still decorate our houses like never before and get into the holiday spirit.
Try creating some Christmas decorations for your home as a fun festive activity while keeping warm and safe inside. For children home from school, arts and crafts are a great way to bring the family together and spread some Christmas cheer.


Christmas Holly by Dawn Rodger
Christmas Holly by Dawn Rodger

Get Handy With Paper

Paper is perfect for creating many different festive decorations. From paper chains to paper snowflakes, you can spend hours making miles of long chains or intricate snowflake patterns. Although simple to make and something that the whole family can get involved in, these decorations will look extremely effective when hung over the ceiling to create the illusion of a white Christmas.
Get your hands on some coloured paper, and the possibilities are endless. You can make origami stars, Christmas trees, and so much more, just let those creative juices flow.

Go Hunting For Pinecones

A wonderful idea is to go on a winter walk and collect pinecones which can be turned into a range of festive decorations. Brush with PVA glue and cover in glitter for a perfect Christmas tree ornament. If you want to take it a step further, glue a pair of wings and a wooden bead for a head and you have a beautiful rustic Christmas angel.
You can also paint the pinecones green and pot in mini plant pots for tiny faux Christmas trees, or connect several pinecones using wire and create a wreathe for your front door by adding a red ribbon and some berries.


Angel by Bernadetta Dziubinski
Angel by Bernadetta Dziubinski

Christmas Artwork

You don’t have to only think of traditional Christmas decorations, and adding some wintery artwork to your walls is a great way to bring some holiday spirit to your home. If you have some old frames, why not get creative and try painting your own winter scenes to hang on your walls? You can easily swap your current artwork for a festive alternative perfect for the holiday season.
If you don’t feel too creative, there are also a range of Christmas-themed paintings that you can buy to immediately inject some festivity into your home. From Biblical scenes to winter wonderlands, there is a huge range of pieces of art that would look incredible around your home, not just this Christmas, but for many years to come.