We all know how powerful social media can be when promoting a business, but how can you harness that power to promote your art and get your work noticed in the circles that really matter?

In this guide, we’ll detail a few easy steps to get your artwork trending on Pinterest and hopefully gain a few followers and potential customers for your creations.


1. Set up a basic website

Before you get started pinning photos of your artwork, it’s a good idea to have a basic website that has a gallery packed full of your artwork. This way, you seem more professional, can give more details on what inspired each piece, the size, materials used and importantly, how to get in touch to purchase the artwork.

There are plenty of free website builders out there to choose from, so if you really want to get those sales rolling in or more enquiries on commissions then building a website is a great starting point.


2. Get pinning!

Once your website is looking in good shape, pin as many of your pieces to your Pinterest account as you possibly can.

Not only will this help fill up your profile, but it will make it far more visually attractive to visitors and offer more images that can be pinned by others.


3. Make the most of themed boards

Boards are the areas you use to save your pins, so you can choose from a variety of themes to help them stand out. For example, you can categorise your boards by theme, colour or even price, making them far easier for potential buyers to find a piece of your work that they might want to adorn their walls.

Its also a good idea to have a ‘work in progress’ board where you can pin several images as you create your pieces. This will help show the process you use to create your artwork and give a better idea of skills and techniques used.


4. Get social

Pinterest above all is a social site, so don’t forget to get networking and connecting with other artists that you find on the social media channel.

Pinning their posts to your own boards not only helps other users see what is inspiring you, but many people will also reciprocate by pinning your artwork too. This can help extend your reach and attract followers to your artwork who have similar interests.