Anyone who regularly browses our online art gallery for new paintings for sale will be familiar with the work of Irina Rumyantesva. Whether it is her series of cows that has charmed you, her abstract scenes or her fascinating cityscapes, this artist produces original art that captures the imagination of many. Although her style is diverse, her inspiration is down to one thing – her creative intuition, fuelled by her thirst for travelling. Read on as we spoke to this talented artist.


‘Marina’ – view here.

1.   How would you describe your style?

I think my style has a lot to do with my background. I had a fantastic teacher. Art is obviously taken very seriously in St Petersburg and the standard was high. My teacher only settled for the best in me. I learnt my technique there but I only started to apply it years later when I moved to the UK. I have been here for 8 years now and I have improved my style gradually over that time, applying it to different subjects. I think I am quite lucky that my style appeals to many people who have completely different tastes and that is why I have had a lot of success over that period of time.

2.   How did you begin your journey into art and design?

I started learning to create at a very young age. As well as painting I made pottery and scratched designs which eventually turned into a job whilst I was at college. I also studied graphic design and was a graphic designer before I moved to the UK. Also interior design was always a passion of mine so literally since I can remember I have always had a creative mind.

3.   Where do you go or what do you do when in need of a spark of inspiration?

I like to travel and gain my inspiration from experiences. I hardly ever sketch anything in the moment. It just seems to come to me when I am in the studio. I get inspiration from trying new things. I am always researching and trying different media, more so now than ever before

4.   All of your work is eye-catching, but your series of cows stand out to us the most! Why did you choose to paint this charming animal over others?

I do enjoy painting cows, it is good fun. I don’t think that the cows are my best subject, I think it is simply because it is a popular subject but I do appreciate the love they get and they have definitely helped me gain the huge following I have today.

‘Gazing Cow 5’

‘Gazing Cow 5’ view here.

 5.   You have been living in Manchester for a while now – why did you choose to settle there and how does it inform your career?

My husband is from Manchester and we met in India whilst on holiday. It was never my intention to be a professional artist until one day my husband saw me painting in the kitchen and pushed me to join an art group. Since then I havn’t looked back.

 6.   Prior to that you studied in St Petersburg – is that where you are from? Again, how did those early days and inspirations inform your work now?

I did learn a lot of what I know now from my early days in St Petersburg but since moving to Manchester I have definitely matured as an artist and my work has improved with practice and constantly experimenting with different subjects and media.

‘St Petersburg 2’

‘St Petersburg 2’ – view here.

 7.   Your work covers a range of styles and subjects. What is the process involved before each piece? What dictates how you will paint that day?

I don’t have a process or a routine. I have my music on and my incense candle burning. It takes me away from reality. Thankfully my studio is my escape so no matter how I am feeling, I can go there knowing I will feel relaxed.

 8.   What other artist inspire you and why?

I appreciate artists that are individually unique and I can tell straight away that is their work. Anyone can replicate and follow trends but I admire artists that stay true to their own style and what inspires me is not just being unique but also being inventive and when I see an artist doing something I have never seen before, I have a lot of respect for that.

 9.   How do you imagine your work makes your audience feel?

I think my audience never knows what is coming next. Some people follow me for my cows, some follow me for my cityscapes etc. I cover a range of different subjects, using a range of media. Just recently I have started using resin ink on MDF board and it has been getting a very positive reaction which I am extremely pleased about.

‘Abstract Still Life’

‘Abstract Still Life’ – view here.

Irina is constantly updating her personal gallery space at Art2Arts with her latest paintings for sale, ready for you to enjoy! View her work online.