While many companies see décor as an afterthought, paying attention to a working environment, especially the entrance to an office could have a number of positive benefits. From energising employees as they begin their day to leaving a lasting impression on important visitors, Art2Arts highlights some of its abstract and large paintings for sale to make any office entrance memorable.

It’s impossible not to get lost in Mariana, the latest acrylic ink and resin artwork from diverse contemporary artist, Irina Rumyantseva. At just 50cm 2, although it isn’t the largest painting for sale at the online art gallery, its hypnotic form and impressive blend of stimulating colour makes a huge impact on any wall it is placed.

Cityscapes are another popular subject for corporate art, and pieces such as City London Bridge 0737 by Eraclis Artistidou depict a scene that will be familiar to all business professionals, offering a new technicolour way to view the UK’s busy, towering capital city. Landmarks such as The Shard, The Gherkin, The Cheese Grater and The Walkie Talkie building are all shown in a fresh, abstract light, finding new beauty in these architectural structures.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed “Art can not only enhance the home – it can breathe new life into office, work and industrial environments. The days of stale, ‘sterile’ office spaces are gone, with workers demanding a welcome and stimulating atmosphere and guests expecting to be greeted by an impressive entrance. Nothing can do this as quickly and effectively as a large piece of abstract art!”

Abstract art is not limited to a standard canvas size or shape, and choosing a piece with creative use of composition and format can quickly create a conversation point in any room. Imagination II by Maia Nikolov is the perfect example of this, using two deep box canvases to form one piece of original art, allowing the customer to use their imagination when hanging the work.

Carolynne Coulson is a popular contemporary artist at Art2Arts, known for her captivating use of colour and creative markings. While her portfolio of suitable pieces is extensive, Odd One Out is a landscape painting that covers 132cms at its longest size, perfect for adorning any corridor or entrance hall with spectacular beauty.

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