The summer months are an exciting yet daunting time for university students in the UK as graduation ceremonies take place across the country, marking a departure from study and entry into the working world. Online art gallery Art2Arts welcomes graduates from art and creative degrees, inviting them to launch their career via its peer-to-peer online art gallery platform.

Although art is a popular subject to study at degree level, the realities of finding work in this field can be disappointing. A Graduate Labour Market Statistics Report in 2015 found that the unemployment rate was 6.1% for UK graduates in social science, art or humanities areas. The study also found that fine art, design and performing arts degree graduates were more likely than average to be working in retail or catering six months after graduation. Becoming part of a platform such as Art2Arts enables practicing artists to promote their work to the public earning an income, or supporting income through creative means, despite the unsteady employment landscape.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented “I first started Art2Arts as I needed an outlet to sell my own personal artwork, so I understand the difficulties and challenges faced by professional artists who want to make a living from doing what they love. From this I realised that there must be others like me who were also searching for a way to sell their art, without going through the conventional route of art galleries or joining an agency. I love the unique style that every artist on Art2Arts possess, and I am proud of the standard of only original art that is represented on our online art gallery. I welcome any graduate artists who also produce imaginative work to join our community today.”

Art2Arts hosts a large number of professional artists that use the website to take control over their earnings, charging no membership cost or additional fees and only taking a small commission from each painting sold to cover the costs of marketing for each piece. Artists upload their work themselves to the online art gallery platform, allowing for total freedom over the way that their work is presented. Representing a broad selection of artistic styles ranging from abstract to traditional, Art2Arts strives towards helping keen collectors find their perfect piece, and are constantly on the search for new, quality, creative talent to help meet their demand.

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Art2Arts is a growing online art gallery and community of artists all striving for the same goal – to offer something unique and one-off to customers. It prides itself on selling no mass produced prints, with only original artwork on offer to home-owners, collectors and businesses looking for that something different.