Where once an artists carer would often depend on their relationship with the big dealers in the business, or by being represented by establish galleries, more are increasingly re-gaining control of their own professional development. A report published in The Art Newspaper this month highlighted the growing trend of artists seeking relief from the strains of the traditional role that art dealers play in shaping their career, seeking more fluid partnerships instead. As more and more artists seek professional freedom, online art gallery Art2Arts offers a space to sell original art online, without any binding contracts to prevent an artist’s career from progressing.

The innovative web-based art gallery harbours a strong community of artists, offering them a space to showcase work online to keen collectors, while being in control of the whole process. Art2Arts asks for no joining fees, with no contracts or exclusivity agreements needed. Instead, it asks for a small commission on each piece sold, to cover the costs of marketing the piece. Art2Arts is passionate about original art, acting as a platform to match an artist’s work with the most appropriate collector.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented “In this hyper connected and modern age, the traditional format of buying and selling art is not appealing for many artists. By restricting where work can be displayed and sold, it is also limiting the exposure of the piece. This can be damaging for the career of many artists.”

Those joining the community at Art2Arts are given their own virtual gallery space, with access to upload their own artwork and to price and describe each piece accurately. Art2Art has been running for 10 years, with a loyal base of art buyers and collectors regularly browsing the website for new purchases.

Gibbs continued, “I created Art2Arts after looking for a place to sell my own paintings, so I understand the needs of many working artists. With my online art gallery, my goal is to support and enhance the career of each artist that is part of our creative community.”

Art2Arts hosts artists that work in a wide range of mediums and styles, ranging from hyper realistic pencil drawings to bold, abstract oil paintings. Each artist that is represented on the platform is subject to an application process, ensuring that all work shown on the website is of a high, professional standard.