By Artist Laura Cramer

Commission details: Lawrence Hill Health Centre, The life cycle of a painting:-  

The brief:  to create a painting (montage) dimensions 240cm x 149cm representing elements of life within the geographical area serviced by Lawrence Hill Health Centre.  For Bristol based artist Laura Cramer the first step is to photograph the area in great detail.  Out of approx 200 photos as few as 10 scenes will be used in the final painting.  

As an urban landscape painter , Laura’s semi abstract style lends itself well to such a project.  Her main goal is to create a pleasant movement of scenes through the painting, so the eye naturally scans the picture for scenes in a “zig-zag” formation.    


 Step1: Sketching up the ideas.  With so many scenes to choose from the hardest part is finally deciding what to use, and what to leave out. 


Step 2: Plotting the scene on the large canvas.  At this stage, some small details may change as the full scale of the sketches are put into place.


Step 3: Putting in as much detail as possible and filling in some colour creating some depth.


Steps 4 and 5: getting on with the painting and making final changes. The scenes represented are: the Sweet Mart on St Mark’s Road, a series of three views of the high rise flats a) in close up, b ) silhouetted on the skyline and c) in the background to rail track leading towards Temple Meads.  Fence panelling by the cycle track leading to Whitehall Road.  A statue of Isambard Kingdom Brunel by the office quarter of Temple Quay.  The footbridge leading from Gardiner Haskins towards Temple Meads, with the ever typical barges on the water in the foreground.  Just above that is the landmark “Palace Hotel” on the corner of Old Market St.

 step5        step4