Art is a great form of self-expression. Many people find it hard to convey their feelings with the use of words alone. That is the reason that artists express their feelings from the strokes of their paintbrush and pencils. Ever since the beginning of time, art has been part of the human subculture. Art has evolved in various forms, ranging from stunning abstract paintings to gorgeous depictions of landscapes. The human mind knows no limits when it comes to drawing and painting. A painting is a representation of the way that the artist is feeling and just by looking at the painting one can get an idea about the artist himself. Some of the popular paintings featured on the website are:

Cocktails with Friends:


This painted is made by Simon Fairless. Simon Fairless is known for his amazing acrylic works. His style of painting involves a wide variety of artistic themes that range from vibrant abstract art, stunning pop art and gorgeous scenic depictions of sea and landscapes.

In this abstract painting you can see that a large number of people are conversing and enjoying cocktail amongst them. The bright red, orange and yellow colours outlined by a daring charcoal black used in the paining, giving it an overall bold feel. This painting is perfect for those who are looking to brighten up their house or workplace in a fun way.

In the morning light:


This stunning work of art is by Julia Everett, who is widely known for her creative perception of the nature around her. Her work of art is inspired mostly by the Thames in West London. Her paintings always have very vivid colour combinations and are mostly of the sky and sea.

In this painting you can see the reflective beauty of the sea and the sky. Her painting shows a very delicate boundary between the sky and the sea, giving it a very serene and sensory appeal. Her artwork is influenced by music and as you can see in the beautiful painting, the strokes of colour give a very rhythmic feel.

Amsterdam at night:


This unique form of art is by Irina Rumyantseva. Her exquisite artwork ranges from figurative art to landscapes and seascapes to animals, wildlife and still life paintings. The still life is painting is created from a variety of media, so the range of paintings is very versatile.

Amsterdam at night has been created with a wonderful usage of warm acrylic colours. It shows a beautiful depiction of Amsterdam building and shows how it wonderfully lights up the night sky. The cityscape painting is extremely detailed and is proof of the hard work that has been put into its making.

Abstract A1502:


Mark Harris is a London born self-taught artist who is widely known for his amazing abstract work. He first used to paint landscapes, trees and wildlife. His love for abstract paintings came after he realised that he could not properly express emotion through traditional paintwork.

This painting is one of his best works, showing a wide array of colours in a vibrant textured form.

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