Although the exact amount of time suggested will vary from designer to designer, many interior experts will recommend that home décor is regularly updated and refreshed every few months in order to keep a home looking beautiful. Unfortunately re-painting, tiling or carpeting a room on a frequent basis can incur costs and disruption to normal life that simply isn’t sustainable. Investing in a powerful piece of original artwork is a quick and effective way to revamp any room, creating a new look and atmosphere in an instant.

With the only DIY required being the application of hanging hooks, those that delight in varying their home environment can easily change the feel of their interiors by choosing a painting to reflect their desired style of design. Rather than being covered over and lost when the next décor revamp occurs, purchasing original art is a lifetime investment and older pieces can be swapped in different rooms around the house to continually refresh the mood.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “The impact that a painting can have on the room that it is placed in should never be underestimated, making a high quality piece original art a must-have tool in every interior decorators tool kit.”

Gibbs continued, “At Art2Arts we represent a huge number of talented artist that work in a variety of styles and colours, using many different mediums. Anyone with a certain ‘look’ in their mind for their next home revamp is sure to find the perfect piece to accompany this image on our extensive online art platform.”

Celebrating 10 years in business this year, online art gallery Art2Arts provides a platform for artists across the nation to upload and sell their artwork. Without expensive joining fees or regular cost for the artists, the work sold on Art2Arts is competitively priced, allowing browsers to acquire original art while also ensuring each artist is fairly paid.