Indigo Mosaic #2 by Caroline Ashwood


Beauty Berry Bush by Caroline Ashwood

Here at Art2Arts, we pride ourselves on being more than just an art seller. We are a strong community consisting of talented artists and dealers that have been brought together through a mutual love for creativity and an appreciation of all art styles. Every week, we welcome new and innovative artists into the community so they can share their work with the world and make connections with collectors and buyers from around the world.

Our artists are the lifeblood of Art2Arts and in this series, we will be picking a few out and providing you with more information about who they are, how they discovered their passion for art and the ways in which they developed their own unique styles. Whether you’re an aspiring artist yourself or a collector, you can always learn a lot from hearing about the journey of the artist and the experiences that inspired their work.

In this post, we are taking a closer look at the life and career of one of our favourite artists, Caroline Ashwood. She has been part of the Art2Arts community for years and is renowned for producing some of the best-selling paintings on the website. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of her pieces or you have already added one to your collection, be sure to read on for more insight into her artistic history.

Brilliant Bloom by Caroline Ashwood

Early years

Caroline was born in 1970 just as the swinging sixties was dying out and the era of disco and flared jeans was just beginning. She was born in Yorkshire, England which is known for its beautiful rural areas, bustling towns and quaint villages. It was the colourful and lively scenery that first inspired some of Caroline’s earliest paintings and drawings. Even at such a young age, it became clear to herself and her parents that she had a passion and a natural talent for art. She would spend hours painting and sketching every chance she got and was always looking for inspiration in nature.

It was the local Bluebell Woods where Caroline would spend her days exploring and sketching the natural beauty she discovered. The leaves, flowers and bright natural colours were what inspired her to first put pencil to paper. It was this instinctive passion for creativity and observation that made her realise that she wanted to enter the world of art and improve her talents.

Indigo Mosaic #2 by Caroline Ashwood


Her first step towards an exciting career in art came when Caroline received formal training as a graphic designer. In this role, she got a real taste of working within the industry and got a chance to learn from talented professionals. She was able to get hands-on experience and increase her passion and creative side while improving her technical skills. After that, she moved on to work for the renowned advertising agency, M&C Saatchi among others. This was a unique opportunity that allowed Caroline to work with some of the best artists in the business. However, she eventually left after finding her true calling.

Career painter

During her time working in the graphic design industry, Caroline was able to cultivate a following thanks to her unique and creative work. After receiving a lot of praise and selling a number of her original pieces, she decided to become a full-time painter in 2002. This allowed her to focus completely on her work and get back to her roots. She opened up a studio in her home of Yorkshire where she was once again able to let the natural scenery inspire her to create colourful and vibrant artwork.

Throughout her career, Caroline has developed a global network of collectors and buyers. In addition to hundreds of homes, her work can be seen in a number of galleries around the world. Her paintings have also been featured in various shows and award ceremonies over the years where they have captured the attention of the biggest names in the business.


High Tide by Caroline Ashwood

Style and process

What sets Caroline’s work apart from others is the vibrant and visceral style that creates a sense of excitement and gives life to the canvas. When talking about her work, Caroline explains how she relies on her instincts to create spontaneous pieces that reflect her internal passion in addition to the inspiration she gets from her surroundings. The abstract style of her work is truly unique and is a reflection of her natural ability to express herself through her art.

As you browse through her collection of paintings, you’ll see that there is a consistent vibrancy throughout all of them but there are a variety of different styles and subject matter. Caroline’s love for nature is evident in all of her work, from ocean-inspired pieces to paintings that follow a theme of flowers and plants. The liveliness of her paintings will add colour and excitement to any room or gallery.

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