Spotlight on Contemporary Art: Our Featured Artists for this Month

Produced by artists who are living in the twenty-first century, the UK has a wealth of talented contemporary artists creating unique pieces on a plethora of subjects including nature, community and personal and cultural identity.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at contemporary art and showcasing some of the work from our up and coming artists.


Just Beyond the Horizon by Lucy Moore

An abstract piece featuring soft meadow fauna amidst a seascape backdrop, just Beyond the Horizon by new artist Lucy Moore evokes the smell of the salt hanging in the air as the sea glistens beneath the sun’s warm summer rays. Colourful and vibrant, the artist uses a signature stringy grass technique to create a bountiful vibrant meadow with an abstract twist.

Ideal for sunny conservatories or bright kitchens, the natural topic of this piece is beautifully conveyed on canvas and brings about memories of childhood visits to the beach.

Using layered acrylic and switching from splashes to large dabs of paint, the piece is reminiscent of other works by the artist titled Lost in a Secret Meadow and Summer Waltz. Lucy’s artwork has found homes all over the world, including in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA and she is available for commissions.


Orange Eclipse by Angela Dierks

For something a little more abstract yet filled with vibrancy and strong hues, Angela Dierks presents Orange Eclipse, a large, multi-layered oil painting with vivid rose, orange and yellow hues. Flecks of gold leaf add interest and sparkle. Inspired by mood rather than imagery, the painting has been built over many layers of oil paint with various degrees of opacity and transparency.

Paint has been applied with a palette knife, scraped off and re-applied again and the deep canvas edges are painted in a complementary colour.

An artist and psychotherapist, Angela makes a connection between these two professions and her preoccupation with emotions and abstract representations of landscapes show inspiration in the beauty of the outside world: gentle landscapes in the UK, the Arctic Circle, the warm and fiery tones of Mediterranean countryside, dramatic skyscapes and the movement of the sea and the dramatic beauty of flowers

The artist’s work has been sold internationally with many repeat clients and each piece comes complete with a signed certificate of authenticity.


Paradise Found by Marja Brown

Lovers of striking landscapes will fall hard for the latest piece by Marja Brown. Brooding and emotional, Paradise Found features a quiet rocky bay touched by golden light as its subject matter. A heavily textured seascape painted in acrylic on gold leaf brings the viewer to a tranquil, unspoilt scene which invites the viewer into a quiet place where they can sit on a rocky shore gazing at still waters.

Born in Holland, Marja Brown studied art in college but feels mostly self-taught through her love and enthusiasm of painting the world the way she wants to see it. From her home in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, her surroundings offer her unlimited potential to express her love for painting landscapes and seascapes and gives the artist the opportunity to work with many different colours.

Marja has previously exhibited her paintings in Bournemouth Gardens throughout the summer and has also exhibited at various other exhibitions around Dorset and online.

The picture continues around the edge of the canvas giving a 3D effect and is available for delivery worldwide.


Vision of You by James Shipton

Heavily influenced by the artwork of Degas and Gustav Klim, James Shipton has created his latest piece using charcoal on paper to capture the beauty of the female human form, whilst portraying human isolation.

James achieves this through a process of capturing reality through life drawing using charcoal sketches, breaking it down to deliver an impression of the human form, whilst capturing the psychological complexity of the human nature through the portrayal of human isolation. Following the breakdown of the human female nude, he also uses the sketches to create paintings in oils.

Studying art and later medical science, the artist’s passion for human anatomy was reignited and he now creates his pieces for private collectors all over the world. One notable instance of James Shipton’s rising popularity is that one of his works has been purchased to appear in the movie "American Assassin", starring Michael Keaton, making James an artist to look out for in the future.

For more information on the artists showcased above, or to discover more contemporary artwork available direct from Art2Arts, click here or get in touch with our expert team to discuss commission opportunities or other pieces of artwork available for sale.

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