Spotlight on Realism: Our Featured Artists for this Month

Realism in the art world is described as the depiction of the subject truthfully and rejects the notion of imaginative idealism. Artists that focus their attention on this style usually use subjects such as animals, people and scenery to create their artwork with great effect, so you’re certain to discover a piece of realism that resonates with you.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at realism and showcasing some of the work from our up and coming artists.


End of the Street – Alice P Jenkins

Realist artist Alice P Jenkins has captured the brooding essence of the early morning light on a winter street beautifully in her latest piece using acrylic on canvas. The yet to wake street works in wonderful contrast with the rising sun that has been captured using pale blues, yellows and suggestions of light brown to evoke feelings of peace just before the world begins to rise for a new day.

Alice has a deep love of nature and puts great emphasis on the beguiling beauty of the sky and its many moods.


Swim through the light - Louisa Jane Simpson

Part of Louisa's ‘Reflections in Water' collection, Swim Through the Light focuses on the reflection on the surface of the water in a busy aquarium. It plays with the contrast of light and dark while keeping the tranquillity felt by watching the fish sail by in their underwater realm.

Created as oil on canvas and varnished, viewers of this piece can appreciate Louisa’s skill in capturing light and reflections which is something she excels at from her home in Derbyshire. The fish captured in this scene provide warm orange and apricot tones to the piece and work in complete synergy with the pale blues, aquamarines, whites and browns that show the essence of movement above the water’s surface.


First Fall Framed – Elizabeth Williams

A scene of cool and warm tones, First Fall Framed by Elizabeth Williams is a beautiful winter scene that captures the newly fallen snow against a pale sun backdrop. This vista from Dorset captures the liquid warmth of the setting sun with beautifully reflected colours showcased in the quiet river which runs through the middle of the piece.

Since focusing her career solely on painting, Elizabeth’s work has already gained attention from The SHASHOUA Foundation board, who have commissioned some of her work. She has also exhibited a collection of her pieces in Cork Street in London, and her work continues to be exhibited globally making her a name to watch out for in the future.


Solitude - Kinga Sokol

Polish-born Kinga Sokol has spent most of her life living and working in Germany but currently resides on the Jurassic Coast where she has created Solitude, a romantic and thought-provoking nude oil on canvas portrait.

Although Kinga has never been professionally trained in art, her work shows a rare and raw natural talent, and many of her paintings use the reflective qualities of water to add interest to her subjects.


Bluebell Haze - Zoe Elizabeth Norman

Zoe Elizabeth Norman invites you to join her on a colourful journey through the dappled sunlight in Bluebell Haze. Created using pastel, the beautiful vivid blue tones contrasting with spring green hues and trees just beginning to show their spring leaves inspire the imagination so you can almost hear the dawn chorus of the woodland birds.

Zoe has also had three major one-woman exhibitions at Norwich Cathedral, The Gallery Wymondham and The Assembly House Norwich and has also had work selected for The National Exhibition Wildlife Art in Liverpool, Art in Nature Museum Gloucestershire, Laing and Patching.

An artist with an environmental conscious, her collections predominately focus on the beauty of nature and wildlife.


Sunset Over the River 2 - Oleg Riabchuk


Sunset Over the River 2 captures a realistic scene of the sun setting over a tranquil river with the fading rays streaming through the trees and dancing playfully amongst the lily pads on the water. The oil on canvas painting invites the eye further down the river when you can just catch the suggestion of mist as the water snakes around to the right and disappears silently out of sight.

Oleg Riabchuk has also woven a rich and vibrant tapestry using all of the hues of nature with bold greens, hints of warm yellow and suggestions of pale blue to create a painting that needs to be appreciated again and again to discover the rich details the artist has created in this piece.


To find out more about any of the artists detailed below, or to view more realist pieces of work from up and coming and notable artists available to buy from Art2Arts, visit

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