While it can be hard to find anyone that doesn’t appreciate art, at least at an aesthetic level, surprising sales figures have revealed that Surrey tops the nation, hailing it as a county of art lovers. This news comes as the online art gallery Art2Arts noticed it was preparing and packing more orders than usual to the South East English destination, causing it to analyse its sales figures to confirm the trend.

As much as 10% of its overall sales between 2016 and 2017 came from Surrey, with neighbouring counties such as Durham and Nottinghamshire forming around 1% of national sales in comparison.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “This trend is unexplained yet interesting – it’s great to know that original art is being appreciated by so many in Surrey! It’s certainly known for being an affluent area, being so close to our capital city, which may explain the large volume of sales I send out to this county. Our artist’s work is sold across the country, yet often as one off pieces – Surrey buyers just seem to keep on coming back for more!”

Art2Arts hosts work from artists based across the UK, including Surrey based painters such as Jan Rippingham. With her work often focussing on the natural countryside, sometimes even in Surrey itself, the region’s enviable countryside perhaps inspires further purchases of scenic pieces.

Another local artist from the newly named artistic ‘hub’ is Steve Bonner. Alongside a landscape painting paying homage to Basing Park, close to his Hampshire home, this painter’s recent work takes a more fantastical approach, depicting mythical scenes and ethereal fairy figures against dramatic lunar backdrops.

Art2Arts has provided a platform for buyers to discover original art from artists located across Britain for over a decade, first launching in 2006. With a simple to use search bar and an intelligent interface, art lovers can easily find the art that is perfect for them. With free UK delivery, each painting can quickly find its way to its new home whether that be in Surrey, or beyond!

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