Whether you have been working in the industry for a while in a studio based job, are a freshly graduated creative student or are a frustrated artist working in other industries to pay the bills, the thought of becoming a freelancer can often spark in many people’s minds at some point during their career and it is becoming a popular choice for many contemporary artists across the UK. Becoming your own boss can ultimately bring a huge amount of rewards and benefits including more flexible working hours and quality of life, however gaining buyers or clients for your work in order to achieve a stable income can be a risk and a challenge when making this career move.

At Art2Arts we support those who make the bold step to peruse a creative career on their own terms, and we have put together a checklist of things for all budding freelance artists to be aware of when looking to sell your artwork.

Create a Schedule

Even though one main reason for becoming a freelancer is to enjoy more freedom, in order to be productive and successful it is important to create a working schedule, and stick to it! Plan out how many hours in a day, or a week you plan to set aside for creating and making your paintings for sale and be sure to factor in time for other admin and business tasks that are now also your responsibility. Becoming a member of the Art2Arts community means that more time can be spent creating the work that you love, as we can help you to gain the perfect prospective clients and promotion with ease via our peer to peer online art gallery platform.

Know your Value

When creating and selling your own work, it is important to realise the value of your work and to never sell yourself short. A common route to go down when looking for a place to sell your artwork is to reach out to a high-street gallery, however they can come with many terms and conditions, and a pricey commission. Art Art2Arts we are compassionate towards all of our artists, and require no joining fee or membership charges. We ask only for a small commission to cover the cost of the sales and marketing that you receive when joining the portal, which can result in your artwork being seen by those who seek to buy original artwork online, and are willing to pay the price that it deserves.

Don’t Become Isolated

Without work colleagues or a studio environment, it can be easy to become quite isolated when working freelance. As well as effecting your mood this can also cause inspiration and motivation to deteriorate. All artists who sell their artwork online with us are invited to regular social events to exchange ideas, spark creativity and share tips and knowledge about the industry gained through a wide range of experience.